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An online dictionary of English word origins that are derived from Latin and Greek sources with definitions and several self-scoring quizzes that function as valuable vocabulary resources for home schooling, public schools, life-learning, colleges, and universities.

This FREE online dictionary of cross references of etymologies and English vocabulary, or word origins dictionary, makes word searches easier and far more comprehensive than just about any other dictionary because the English words are organized into thematic units that are related to the same etymological word origins or Latin-Greek elements of prefixes, roots, and suffixes.

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bullet Don't miss seeing this more extensive list of family units which will reveal many subject areas for you to check out.

Free Online Dictionary of English Words Mainly from Latin and Greek Origins

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Dictionary of Word Quests Directory of Word Units

Special presentation of a series of word links to descriptions of some of the thematic units of English words that are derived mostly from Latin and Greek sources which are available for your examination. More word units are being added each day.

Seek and you just might find a rich source of English vocabulary that can not be found as conveniently organized for your enlightenment in any other place.

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Several thousands of English words derived from Latin and Greek elements are also available at this Latin-Greek Cross References word searches page which has many more word entries for you to see!

Also, here is quiz program of the words listed in the Latin-Greek Cross References of English words derived from Latin and Greek sources where you can Experience the Wonder of Words.

Couldn't find the word/words that you wanted?

If you can not find the word, or definitions, that you are looking for, then contact the lexicon compiler by sending an e-mail message with your request to words@wordquests.info and if it is possible to include that word, or words, this will be done as soon as it is feasible!

You, too, can help complete some of the many
incomplete word units!

If you have the time and desire to help complete some of the several word units that are without definitions, let me know and I will be very happy to share what has become an insurmountable task for one person to accomplish.

You may use the above e-mail address to contact me and I will provide the information that you need to help make this truly the most useful lexicon of English-derived words from Latin and Greek sources in existence, on or off the internet.

bullet You may also go to this link so you can see the various Leonardo da Vinci Topics.

bullet There is also a colorful and informative Chemical Elements Index worth looking at.

Just how influential is English on a global scale? See examples of the globalization of English from a variety of international perspectives.

Associated with a search for technology is the technological advances page that shows how our lives are being impacted in these modern times.

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