Websites That Use These
Bibliographic Sources

Word Quests: Dictionary Directory so you can browse the available subjects that appear in word units.

Word Quests: Direct search page for English words that are derived from Latin and Greek sources or for all of the words that are related to an English word; such as, "man", "woman", "hate", "love", etc.

Word News: Organized Quotations for enlightenment and inspiration.

An Excess of Phobias and Manias: Phobias, fears, terrors, panics, and manias.

Flag Focus: presents the world of flags, both national and sub-national.

Words 24/7: English vocabulary words from Latin-Greek elements as used in this modern age.

Word Focus: English derived words composed from Latin or Greek prefixes, roots, or suffixes; including vocabulary quizzes

Words Explorations: English vocabulary words from Latin and Greek prefixes, roots, and suffixes

Lex Files: Latin-Greek quotations including mottoes, proverbs, phrases, and words

Word Files: Illustrated English vocabulary words with pictures, definitions and quizzes

Word Sources: English words derived from Latin and Greek sources with prefixes, roots, and suffixes

Best Clips: A Gathering of Clippings from All Media Sources Possible

Get Words: Latin-Greek lists for learning English words and etymologies

E-Calendars: World calendars presented in various languages