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Sarmasso Dictionary Words: “sarmassant” to “sarmassophobia”

Words that include: sarmasso-, sarmass- (Greek [sarx, flesh plus massein, to knead, to massage; methodical pressure]: love play, sexual foreplay with a woman; necking).

Generally, sarmasso words refer to erotic squeezing, kneading, or caressing of female tissues and organs.

Pertaining to sexual caressing or any such form of love-making.
To make love by handling or squeezing organs and tissues of a female.
Amorous caressing of the female body (flesh) as a method of love-making; also known as “necking”.
A woman who is fond of amorous caressing or fondling.
A fondness for amorous caressing or stroking.
A woman who dislikes, hates, or is strongly opposed to amorous caressing, petting, stroking, or “necking”.
An abnormal fear or hatred, by women, of being caressed or fondled. According to Charles Elster, in his There’s a Word for It!, “It’s curious that there doesn’t seem to be a word for this phobia among men.”