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Abdomino Words: "abdomen" to "vesicoabdominal"

Words that include: abdomino-, abdomin-, abdomen- (Latin: belly, venter [the use of "stomach" is considered incorrect for this element]).

That portion of the body which lies between the lower thorax (chest) and the pelvis; or "the region of the trunk below the diaphragm, containing the largest cavity in the body". Also called belly (popular), venter, and stomach (incorrect). Derived from abdo, abdere, "to hide", and so probably originally referred to the "hidden part of the body".
abdominal, abdominally:
Pertaining to the abdomen.
Pain in the abdomen; a belly ache.
With the abdomen forward [denoting a position of the fetus in utero].
Paracentesis (surgical puncture of the abdominal wall cavity for the aspiration [removal by suction] of peritoneal fluid); i.e., puncturing of the abdomen with a hollow needle or trocar, usually for the purpose of withdrawing fluid.
Relating to the abdomen and pelvis, especially the combined abdominal and pelvic cavities.
An operation ["belly tuck"] performed on the abdominal wall for esthetic purposes and self esteem; an operation performed on the abdominal wall for esthetic purposes.
abdominoscopy, abdominoscopic:
Inspection or examination of the abdominal cavity; particularly the direct examination of the abdominal organs by endoscopy; peritoneoscopy; laparoscopy.
Relating to the abdomen and the scrotum.
Having a paunch or big belly; overly corpulent [fat] in the abdominal area.
Relating to both abdomen and vagina.
Relating to the abdomen and urinary bladder, or to the abdomen and gallbladder.
Relating to the back and the abdomen.
Within the abdomen.
intra-abdomen, intra-abdominal:
Within or inside the abdomen.
Relating to the sides of the abdomen, to the loins or flanks.
Relating to the sides and front of the abdomen.
Below the abdomen.
thoracicoabdominal, thoracoabdominal:
Pertaining to the thorax [chest] and abdomen.
Relating to a uterine (fallopian) tube and the abdomen.
Relating to the uterus and the abdomen.
Relating to the vagina and the abdomen.
Relating to the urinary bladder and the abdominal wall.
A stomach ache has been defined as an abominable pain in the abdominal area.
"The stomach (which is in the abdominal area) is lined with thirty-five million glands that produce about three quarts (2.85 liters) of gastric juices daily. Hydrochloric acid makes up roughly five percent of these juices and, together with other acids and various enzymes, constantly works to digest food particles."
—Neil McAleer in his The Body Almanac