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Abluto Words: "abluent" to "ablutoskepsis"

abluto-, ablut- (Latin: a washing [especially as a ritual], cleansing).

From ab- and luere, "to wash" which is related to lavare, "to wash".

1. Serving to cleanse.
2. A cleansing agent; a detergent.
Morbid impulse to wash or bathe, or an incessant preoccupation with thoughts of washing or bathing; seen often in obsessive-compulsive psychoneurosis.
ablutophobia, ablutophobic:
An obsessional fear of bathing. This fear also relates to an incessant preoccupation with washing or bathing. People who have this particular Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder may be dominated with the act of frequent handwashing or an obsession against washing or bathing. Activities based on this fear may include avoidance by long periods without washing, abnormal anxiety when considering washing or when actually trying to wash, and anxiety and dread when observing others who are washing.

There are some who have this fear who also fear water or fear being seen in the nude. Some are anxious that their bodies will be criticized or compared with those of others. Still others simply fear warm or cold water. Ablutophobia may include taking baths, showers, or even swimming.

1. A cleansing of the body, especially in a religious ceremony.
2. The liquid used in such a washing.
Of or pertaining to washing the body, or parts of it.
Sexual excitement derived from secretly watching a person (or persons) bathing in the nude.

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