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Abort Words: "abort" to "proabortionist"

Words that include: abort-, aborti- (Latin: miscarry, pass away, perish by an untimely birth).

abort, aborted, aborting:
1. To give birth before the fetus is viable; have a miscarriage; to fail to be completed.
2. To cut short because of some failure in equipment. "To abort a flight because of radio failure", for example. [Originally, "to set" or "disappear" (as the sun). Composed of ab- (from). and oriri- (to arise); the part of the sky, or the world, in which the sun rises; the East].
The killing of a fetus during an abortion.
A drug or device that causes an abortion or kills the fetus before birth.
abortion, abortional:
Induced termination of pregnancy before the fetus is capable of independent survival.
1. One who believes and promotes the practice of abortion.
2. One who makes a business of inducing illegal abortions.
abortive, abortivate, abortiveness, abortively:
1. Incompletely developed.
2. Effecting an abortion; abortifacient.
3. Cutting short the course of a disease.
4. Failing to accomplish an objective, futile. Imperfectly developed.
abortorium, (singular); abortoria (plural):
A clinic (clinics) or a hospital (hospitals) where abortions are performed.
A fetus which weighs less than 500 gm. (17 oz.) or is less than twenty weeks' gestational age at the time of expulsion from the uterus, having no chance of survival.
A person who is opposed to abortions.
A person who is opposed to abortions.
Happening subsequent to, or after, an abortion.
postabortion, post-abortion:
After an abortion.
Favoring or supporting abortions.
A person who supports or is in favor of abortions.
"Everyone who is in favor of abortion has already been born."
—John Long
"Multitudes are concerned about unwanted children, but too many don't think about it at the right time."
—Sam Blade