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Arch Words: “archabbey” to “archvillain”

arch-, archi-, -arch (Greek > Latin: chief, principal leader, first [in position or rank])

I must follow the people. Am I not their leader?
—Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881)

archabbey, archabbot:
The head abbey of a Benedictine congregation.
archangel, archangelic, archangelical:
1. An angel of the highest rank.
2. A member of the second-lowest rank in the medieval order of celestial beings, ranking above angels and below principalities.
archbishop, archbishopric:
1. A bishop of the highest rank, who heads an archdiocese or an ecclesiastical province.
2. The chief bishop; the highest dignitary in an episcopal church, superintending the bishops of his province; a metropolitan.
1. The chief deacon; originally the chief of the attendants on a bishop, who, through the scope of his duties in relation to the services of the church and the administration of charity, gradually acquired a rank above the priests and next in importance to the bishop.
2. In the English Church, the archdeacon is appointed by, and gives assistance to, the bishop, superintending the rural deans, and holding the lowest ecclesiastical court, with the power of spiritual censure.
The see or jurisdiction of an archbishop.
The territory subject to an archduke; the land ruled by an archduke or archduchess.
The chief duke: formerly title of the rulers of Austrasia, Lorraine, Brabant, and Austria, being assumed by those of Austria in 1359; now titular dignity of sons of the Emperor of Austria.
A chief enemy; someone’s main or worst enemy.
1. A typical, ideal, or classic example of something.
2. Something that served as the model or pattern for other things of the same type.
Referring to the bottom of the sea from the edge of the continental shelf to the upper limit of the abyssobenthic zone, at depths of ca. 200 to 1 000 meters.
1. The Aegean Sea, between Greece and Asia Minor.
2. Any sea, or sheet of water, in which there are numerous islands; a group of islands.
Someone’s main, chief, or most dangerous rival.
1. A master-builder; specifically, a skilled professor of the art of building, whose business it is to prepare the plans of edifices, and exercise a general superintendence over the course of their erection. A naval architect: one who takes the same part in the construction of ships.
2. One who designs and frames any complex structure; especially, the creator; one who arranges elementary materials on a comprehensive plan.
3. From Latin architectus, from Greek arkhitekton, “chief builder” from tekton, “builder”.
Of or pertaining to architecture; suited or serviceable for the construction of buildings.
Of, relating to, or according to, architecture.
In an architectural manner; as regards architecture.
1. The art or science of building or constructing edifices of any kind for human use. Regarded in this wide application, architecture is divided into civil, ecclesiastical, naval, military, which deal respectively with houses and other buildings (such as bridges) of ordinary utility, churches, ships, fortification; but, architecture is sometimes regarded solely as a fine art.
2. The action or process of building.
3. The special method or “style” in accordance with which the details of the structure and ornamentation of a building are arranged.
4. The conceptual structure and overall logical organization of a computer or computer-based system from the point of view of its use or design; a particular realization of this.
The president or “ruler” of a feast. Taken in mediaeval legend as the proper name of a rich lord.
The science of government.
A chief or first pastor (of souls).
A chief pirate; a pirate captain.
Chief prelate; archbishop.
Chief rebel, leader of a rebellion.
A first or chief thief; a chief of thieves or (formerly) robbers.
Chief traitor; specifically, Satan and Judas Iscariot.
archvillain, archvillainy:
Chief villain, begetter, or ringleader of villainy.