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Bio Words referring to “life” :
“biometrics” to “bionomics”
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bio-, bi-, -bia, -bial, -bian, -bion, -biont, -bius, -biosis,
-bium, -biotic, -biotical, -biotic (Greek: life; living, live, alive).

Don’t confuse this element with another bi- that means “two”.

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1. The science of measuring physical characteristics, to verify a person’s identity which includes voice recognition, iris and face scans, and fingerprint recognition. This definition is a recent application from the tech world [a recently created application]. This sense of biometrics should not be confused with the much older sense, which refers to the application of statistical and mathematical methods for data analysis in the biological sciences. Also known as biometry (as shown in the next word group), this use of the term has been in the language since the early 1900s.
2. Quantification of psychopathological differences between subjects, specifically by assessing each subject across multiple dimensions. In psychiatry, those dimensions include sensation, perception, cognition, learning, psychophysiological reactions, and personality traits and characteristics.
1. The application of statistical methods to the study of numerical data based on biological observations and phenomena.
2. The measurement of life; the calcuation of the average duration and expectation of life.
3. The application of mathematics to biology, especially the study of resemblances between living things by statistical methods.
A limestone composed of skeletal remains in a matrix of carbonate mud.
A microscope for examining living tissue in the body.
1. Microscopic examination of living tissue in the body.
2. Examination of the cornea, aqueous humor, lens, vitreous humor, and retina by use of a slitlamp combined with a binocular microscope.
1. Biomicrite in which the carbonate-mud matrix has recrystallized to microspar.
2. Microsparite containing fossil fragments or fossils.
Biomicrite containing fragments or whole fossils greater than one millimeter in diameter.
A branch of biology that uses information from biological systems to develop synthetic systems.
Manufacturing principles and practices that mimic natural materials or processes.
Relating to a substance or process that uses biomimicry.
1. The process by which organisms produce skeletal structures containing crystalline or amorphous inorganic substances.
2. The production of partly or wholly mineralized internal or external structures by living organisms.
1. A compound that occurs as a component of a living organism, such as a protein or nucleic acid.
2. A molecule of a compound produced by or important to a biological organism.
In the environment, a method of testing water quality at a site by using living organisms.
biomorph, biomorphic:
A decorative form representing a living object; a life form often used in primitive art.
An apparatus for producing artificial respiration.
1. A living thing; an individual living organism.
2. A living unit including not only cells but also viruses. [There is some confusion among biologists who say the term is considered synonymous with “individual” and by others as a variant spelling of “biome”. There is further confusion in the literature with “biont”.]
The instinctual ability of some animals to return to a given site without the use of landmarks, as birds to their roosts or salmon to spawning streams.
1. Physiologic or normal death of cells or tissues as a result of changes associated with development, aging, or use.
2. Necrosis of a small area of tissue. Also, necrobiosis.
A personality constellation in which one or more part of the processes disturb the total function of the organism. In an entirely healthy organism, the various part processes are integrated in such a way that they subserve and promote the total function of the organism, while in an abnormal condition the integration is impaired and one or more part impedes or disturbs instead of promoting the total function.
Life force; the force exercised in the living organism.
The merger of biological and economic theory.

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