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Bio Words referring to “life” :
“bionic” to “biophylaxis”
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bio-, bi-, -bia, -bial, -bian, -bion, -biont, -bius, -biosis, -bium, -biotic, -biotical, -biotic (Greek: life; living, live, alive).

Don’t confuse this element with another bi- that means “two”.

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Of or pertaining to bionics; having or being an artificial, especially electromechanical, device that replaces parts of the body; having ordinary human capabilities increased (as if) by the aid of such devices.
2. Having superhuman strength, speed, or intensity.
1. The science of biologic functions and mechanisms as applied to electronic chemistry; such as computers, employing various aspects of physics, mathematics, and chemistry; e.g., improving cybernetic engineering by reference to the organization of the vertebrate nervous system.
2. The science of applying the knowledge gained by studying the characteristics of living organisms to the formulation of nonorganic devices and techniques.
3. The study of biological functions and mechanisms from the point of view of applying them to electronic devices, such as computers.
bionomic(s), bionomical:
1. Of or pertaining to the conditions under which an organism lives in its natural habitat; of or pertaining to bionomics.
2. The branch of biology that deals with the mode of life of organisms in their natural habitat, their adaptation to their surroundings, etc.; ecology.
bionomy, bionomics:
The laws of life; the science concerned with the laws regulating vital functions.
1. An individual organism.
2. A living thing.
The study of the biological applications of radioactive and rare stable isotopes.
The study of the flora and fauna of oceans in relation to their marine environments.
bio-organic, bioorganic:
Used to describe a carbon-based (organic) compound produced by a living organism or of biological importance.
biopack, biopak:
A container used to keep a living organism during space flight and to monitor its physiological functions.
A natural parent.
Toxins which have been developed from plants or other living organisms that kill insects.
An organism that derives the nourishment for its existence from another living organism.
biophagy, biophagism:
Deriving nourishment from living organisms; biophagy.
Feeding on living organisms; a reference to certain parasites.
The study of the physical and chemical properties of a drug, and its dosage form, as related to the onset, duration, and intensity of drug action.
Growing pharmaceuticals by using genetically modified plants. Biopharming, in which genes for pharmacologically active agents are inserted and grown in crops such as potatoes, is a rapidly expanding area. Similar experiments are also taking place with animals. Genetically altered cows and goats can produce milk containing human proteins that can then be separated from the milk and used for therapeutics.
The science that applies the laws and methods of physics to the study of biological processes (used with a singular verb).
biophile, biophilia:
1. Someone who has a desire or instinct for self-preservation.
2. In biochemistry, any element occurring in living organisms or organic matter, such as carbon, oxygen, or nitrogen.
biophilia, biophilism, biophily:
1. The instinct of self-preservation.
2. A belief that animals have rights that human beings should respect. This should really be zoophilia, et al.
Thriving on other living organisms, often used specifically of plant parasites.
A hypothetical unit (the ultimate component parts of protoplasm or the ultracellular units ranking between the molecule and the cell).
The production and emission of light by plants or by animals; bioluminescence.
The hypothetical process of splitting water by solar energy to produce hydrogen.
An obsolete instrument once used for measuring the rate and degree of dark adaptation, as in vitamin A deficiency.
biophylaxis, biophylactic:
Nonspecific defense reactions of the body, e.g., phagocytosis, vascular and other reactions of inflammatory processes.

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