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Caco-, Kako- Words: “alexicacon” to “kakistocracy”

caco-, cac-, kako-, kak- (Greek: bad, harsh, wrong, evil; incorrect; unpleasant; poor; used most of the time as a prefix).

alexicacon, alexikakon:
A preservative against evil; a safeguard against bad.
Measuring bad air.
cacaesthesia, cacesthesia, kakesthesia:
Abnormal dysfunctional sensations on the skin; such as, a feeling of numbness, tingling, prickling, or a burning or cutting pain; heightened sensitivity. Also, dysesthesia and paresthesia.
cacergasia, kakergasia:
The malfunctioning of the functions and reactions of the total individual in contradistinction to the functions of individual organs or parts of the human organism.
Relating to or suffering from cachexia.
cachexia, cachexy:
1. A state of ill health, malnutrition, and wastng. It may occur in many chronic diseases, certain malignancies, and advanced pulmonary tuberculosis.
2. A general weight loss and wasting occurring in the course of a chronic disease or emotional disturbance.
3. A chronic catabolic state, associated with certain infections and malignancies, characterized by weight loss that continues despite the consumption of an adequate diet.
cacidrosis, kakidrosis:
Sweat that is fetid or offensive due to bacterial decomposition. It occurs mostly on the feet, in the groin, and under the arms.
A reference to bad chyle or difficult digestion.
cacodemon, cacodaemon, cacodemonia:
1. An evil spirit or demon.
2. A name for nightmare.
One possessed with an evil spirit.
A delusion that one is, or is about to be inhabited by or possessed of, a devil or some evil spirit (demon).
Bad skin; i.e., a condition in which one has a pimply or rough skin.
cacodontia, cacodentia, cacodental:
Having bad or malformed teeth.
Ill-smelling, malodorous.
Holding what is considered to be wrong or evil opinions, teachings, or doctrines.
cacodoxy, cacodoxian, cacodoxical:
Wrong opinion or doctrine; heterodoxy.
cacoëthes, cacoethes [KAK oh EE theez]:
1. A bad habit, incurable itch to do something, insatiable urge or desire.
2. A very bad habit, an obstinate or malignant disease.
cacoëthes carpendi, cacoethes carpendi:
A compulsion to criticize or find fault.
cacoëthesl oquendi, cacoethes loquendi:
An insatiable urge to talk.
cacoëthes scribendi, cacoethes scribendi:
An incurable itch, or drive, to write.
cacoëthic, cacoethic:
Obstinate or malignant.
1. Troubled with bad digestion.
2. Having a deranged stomach.
1. The inability of two species to produce viable offspring.
2. Morbid or depraved formation; a monstrosity, a morbid pathological product.
Giving rise to a deteriorated race or offspring.
The breeding of a weak race; the opposite of eugenics.
1. An unpleasant taste in the mouth.
2. A bad taste due to a bad-tasting substance, uncinate epilepsy, or a delusion.
3. A bad taste; a frequent complaint in idiopathic epilepsy, in patients receiving tranquilizer therapy, and in somatic delusional states.
A bad speller or bad grammatical writer or bad penmanship.
A reference to a bad speller or a bad writer (grammatically and stylistically).
1. Bad writing; bad handwriting; opposed to calligraphy.
2. Incorrect spelling; a bad system of spelling, such as that of current English; an antonym of orthography.
1. A fear of bad water.
2. An abnormal fear of sewer water.
The involuntary use of vulgar or obscene words, seen in some schizophrenics who play with words as though they were feces.
1. Bad speaking or pronunciation; bad diction.
2. Defectively produced speech; socially unacceptable diction.
3. A bad choice of words or incorrect pronunciation.
Congenital deformity of one or more limbs.
Having bad formation or shaping.
caconym, caconymy:
1. An example of bad nomenclature or terminology; especially, in biology and botany.
2. The wrong name for something; especially, in the classification of plants and animals.
3. A name, especially a taxonomic name, that is considered linguistically undesirable.
cacopathy, cacopathia:
1. A Hippocratic designation for a severe mental disorder.
2. An old term for a severe affliction or malady.
The substitution of an offensive term for one considered to be inoffensive (the antonym of euphemism).
cacophonic, cacophonia, cacophonical:
Bad or terrible sounds.
Someone who likes to listen to harsh sounds.
1. Having a harsh or unpleasant sound.
2. Sounding loud, jarring, and unpleasant.
1. The quality of having bad sounds; the use of harsh-sounding words or phrases; the opposite of euphony.
2. The use of harsh unpleasant sounds in language, e.g., for literary effect.
3. A discordant combination of sounds, dissonance; an unpleasant combination of loud, often jarring, sounds.
Having a mental illness.
A generalized feeling of unhappiness.
cacoplastic, cacoplasia:
1. Relating to or causing abnormal growth.
2. Incapable of normal or perfect formation.
3. Imperfectly organized, of imperfect structure.
Bad eyesight or bad vision of any kind.
In bad rhythm; also formerly applied to an irregular or disorderly pulse.
A fear of failure; a dread of bad planning.
Having a badly shaped nose.
cacosmia, kakosmia:
1. An unpleasant odor.
2. A subjective perception of a disagreeable odor.
Sleeplessness; unable to sleep.
An obsession of staring at something which is repulslive.
A bad or irregular state of the pulse.
A condition of weakness; lacking strength.
cacosyntheton, cacosintheton:
The improper placing of words, as when an adjective improperly follows a noun or when there is any other unpleasing order of words.
Bad art; a mischievous or harmful art.
A bad death.
A bad or faulty position of any part of the body.
cacotrophy, kakotrophy:
Imperfect or disordered nutrition.
The condition of having bad habits.
Any mental affection with depravation of the morals. From A dictionary of Psychological Healing, by D.H. Tuke, 1892.
1. A bad place.
2. A situation at a certain place in which everything is as bad as it can be.
A faulty or imperfect description in print.
kakistocracy, kakistocratical:
The government of a state by the worst citizens.