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Cide Words M-U: “magistricide” to “vulpicide”,
Part 2 of 2.

Words that include -cide, -cides, -cidal
(Latin: a suffix; kill, killer; murder, to cause death, slayer; cutter; “to cut down”).

Don’t confuse this element with the another -cide that means “to cut”; although -cide, “death”, is related to -cise, -cide, “to cut down”.

A murderer of one’s master or teacher.
mariticide, mariticidal, maritocide:
The killing of a spouse, especially a husband.
matricide, matricidal:
The killing of one’s mother.
A word coined by J. A. M. Meerloo to designate the undermining or destruction of a person’s mind or will by “psychological intervention and judicial perversion”; also in extended use, brainwashing.
The killing of microbes or a reference to something that kills them.
Any substance used to kill mites.
molluscicide, molluscicidal:
Any substance used to kill molluscs; such as, snails, etc.
The slaughter of monsters.
The destruction of the entire world.
Killing mice.
muscacide, muscicide:
The killing of flies.
1. One who kills his/her child.
2. The killing of a new-born child.
nematicide, nematicidal, nematocide, nemacide:
A substance or preparation employed to kill nematode (round) worms.
To cut down, to kill.
The destruction of everything as in a nuclear war.
ovicide, ovicidal [sheep or eggs]:
1. The killing of a sheep; sheep-slaughter or sheep killing.
2. An agent that kills eggs; especially, those of insects.
The killing of worms of the genus Oxyuris.
An obsolete or erroneous form of parricide.
parasiticide, parasiticidal:
An agent that destroys parasites, e.g. such as those that infest the skin.
One who murders his parent (or parents).
parricide, parricidal, parricidism:
1. One who murders his/her father (some say: either parent, or other near relative).
2. The murderer of any one whose person is considered especially sacred as being the ruler of the country or in some position of trust.
3. One who commits the crime of treason against his country.
4. The killing of one’s relative.
patricide, patricidal:
A murderer of a father (or of some one so regarded).
The killing of lice.
The killing of partridges; partridge killing.
pesticide, pesticidal:
A substance for destroying pests; especially, insects.
The destruction of ancient stone buildings or monuments.
One who would put an end to philosophers or philosophy.
phytocide, phytocidal:
Lethal or injurious to plants.
pisicide, pisicidal:
1. The killing of fish.
2. A substance that kills fish.
poultrycide, poultrycidal:
Killing poultry.
The killing of malarial parasites.
prolicide, proclicidal:
The killing of offspring; specifically, the crime of destroying offspring either before or soon after birth.
The killing of protozoans.
pseudocide, pseudocidal:
A pretended attempt at suicide, undertaken with the intention of failure; one who makes such an attempt.
pulicide, pulicicide:
The killing of fleas.
The killing of or destruction that which is putrid.
regicide, regicidism, regicidal:
One who kills a king; especially, his/her own king; one who commits the crime of regicide.
rodenticide, rodenticidal:
The killing of rodents or an agent (poison) that is used to kill rodents.
scabicide, scabieticide:
The killing of organisms that cause scabies.
schistosomacide, schistosomicide:
The killing of schistosomes or blood flukes.
The killing of malarial parasites.
senicide, senicidal:
The killing of the old men of a tribe, etc.
The killing of serpents.
silvicide, silvicidal:
A substance that kills trees or forests.
sororicide, sororicidal:
1. One who kills his/her sister.
2. The action of killing one’s sister.
spermicide, spermaticidal, spermatocide, spermatocidal,
The killing of sperm.
suicide, suicidal:
The killing of one’s self; literally, self-killing.
spirocheticide, spirochaeticide:
The killing of spirochetes, a type of parasitical bacteria.
sporicide, sporicidal:
The killing of spores.
staphylocide, staphylococcide, staphylococcicide:
The killing of organisms that cause staph infections.
The killing of streptococci, a type of bacteria.
taeniacide, taeniacide, teniacide, tenicide:
The killing of tapeworms.
Killing moles.
Killing bulls.
Killing time.
The destruction of books, especially as in book burning.
toxicide, toxinicide:
The killing of toxins; such as, a drug capable of overcoming toxic agents.
The killing of parasitical bacteria.
The killing of parasites that cause trichomoniasis (diarrhea).
trypanocide, trypanocidal, trypanosomacide:
The killing of organisms that cause sleeping sickness.
Killing a tsar (czar) or one who kills a tsar.
tuberculicide, tuberculocide:
The killing of tuberculosis bacilli.
The killing of cancer cells.
tyrannicide, tyrannicidal:
The killing of a tyrant.
The killing of a city.
Killing bears.
uxoricide, uxoricidal:
The killing of one’s wife or the murder of a wife by her husband.
Killing cows.
Killing a prophet.
verbicide, verbicidal:
Perversion of a word, or one who perverts a word; literally, killing a word.
vermicide, verminicide:
Killing vermin or intestinal worms.
The killing of wasps.
viricide, viricidal:
The killing of a man; such as, a husband or any male.
virucide, virucidal, viruscide:
The killing of viruses.
Killing foxes.