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Habitat Words: “agaricole” to “hylocole”,
Part 1 of 2.

Suffixes that include: -cole, -cola, -coles, -colid, -coline,
(Latin: to inhabit, to live in, on, or among; to dwell; living among, dwelling in).

Pertaining to the location, or habit, of growth. Used primarily in botanical and biological terminology to denote a plant or organism; having or characterized by a habitat as specified by the combining root.

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agaricole, agaricolous:
Living on mushrooms and toadstools.
agricole, agricolous:
Living in fields.
aigicole, aigicolous:
Living in beach habitats or living among pebbles.
algicole, algicoline, algicolous:
Living on algae.
alsocole, alsocolous:
Living in woody groves.
amathicole, amathicolous:
Inhabting sandy plains.
amathocole, amathocolous:
Dwelling in sandy places.
ammocole, ammocolous:
Living or growing in sand.
amnicole, amnicolous:
Living on sandy river banks.
ancocole, ancocolous:
Living in canyons.
aphidicole, aphidicolous:
Living among aggregations of aphids.
aquaticole, aquaticolous:
Living in water or aquatic vegetation.
aquicole, aquicolous:
Living in water or aquatic vegetation.
arboricole, arboricolous:
Living predominantly in trees or large woody shrubs.
arenicole, arenicolous:
Living or growing in sand.
argillicole, argillicolous:
Thriving or growing in clay or mud.
avicole, avicolous:
Living as parasites on birds.
bryocole, bryocolous:
Living on or in moss.
cadavericole, cadavericolous:
Inhabitating dead bodies; also used to refer to organisms feeding on dead bodies or carrion.
calcicole, calcicolous:
Living in environments rich in calcium, in limestone, or in chalky soil.
calcosaxicole, calcosaxicolous:
Inhabiting rocky limestone.
caulicola, caulicolous:
Dwelling on stems, applied particularly to parasitic fungi.
cavernicole, cavernicolous:
Living in subterranean caves or passages.
cellicola, cellicolous:
Living in cells or cavities.
colony, colonist, colonial:
1. From Latin colonia, “landed estate, farm, settlement, colony”, from colonus, “tiller of the ground, husbandman, farmer” from colere, “to till (the ground), cultivate, dwell, inhabit; related to incola, “inhabitant”.
2. A group of emigrants or their descendants who settle in a distant land but remain subject to or closely connected with the parent country.
3. A group of people with the same ethnic origin or interests concentrated in a particular area.
4. A group of the same kind of animals, plants, or one-celled organisms living or growing together.
corticicole, corticicolous:
Growing on bark. Sometimes these are incorrectly spelled, corticole, corticolous.
crenicole, crenicolous:
Living or dwelling in spring-fed brooks.
crinicole, crinicolous:
Living or growing on hair.
culmicola, culmicolous:
Growing on the stems of grasses.
cysticole, cysticolous:
Inhabiting a cyst. [A thin-walled hollow organ or cavity in an animal body (or plant) containing a liquid secretion; a bladder, sac, vesicle].
dendrocole, dendrocolous:
Living in or growing on trees.
deserticole, deserticolous:
Living in, or growing on, trees.
epicole, epicolous:
Living attached to the surface of another organism but without benefit or detriment to the host.
fimbricole, fimbricolous:
Growing in or on dung.
fimicole, fimicolous:
Growing in or on dung heaps.
folicaulicole, folicaulicolous:
Living attached to leaves and stems.
folicole, folicolous, follicole, follicolous:
Growing, or living, on leaves.
forbicole, forbicolous:
Living on broad-leaved plants; herbicolous.
fructicole, fructicolous:
Living on or in fruits.
fruticole, fruticolous:
Living or growing on shrubs.
fungicole, fungicolous:
Living in or on fungi.
gallicole, gallicolous:
Living or dwelling in galls.
gelicole, gelicolous:
Living in geloid soils having a crystalloid content of between 0.2 and 0.5 parts per thousand. Geloid soil is characterized by low salt content, weak solutions, strokng colloidal properties and a crystalloid content of less than 0.5 parts per thousand.
geocole, geocolous:
Living in the soil for part of a life cycle.
graminicole, graminicolous:
1. Growing on grasses.
2. A reference to an animal spending most of its life in a grassy habitat.
halicole, halicolous:
1. Living in haloid soils having a crystalloid content between 0.5 and 2 parts per thousand.
2. A reference to a plant living in a habitat with a high salt content. Haloid soil is characterized by high salt content, concentrated solutions and with a crystalloid content of more than 0.5 parts per thousand.
herbicole, herbicolous:
Living predominantly in herbaceous (plant) habitats.
horticole, horticolous:
Living and growing in gardens.
humicole, humicolous:
Living on or in the soil.
hydrocole, hydrocolous:
Living in an aquatic habitat.
hygrocole, hygrocolous:
Living in moist or damp habitats.
hylacole, hylacolous:
Living among trees, or in woodland or forest areas.
hylocole, hylocolous:
Living in forests.


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