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Cracy Words: “ethnarch” to “xenocracy”,
Part 2 of 2.

Words that include: -crat, -cracy, -cratic, -cratism,
-cratically, -cracies
(Greek: a suffix; govern, rule; strength, power, might, authority).

A governor of a nation or people; a ruler over a province.
1. The dignity or office of an ethnarch.
2. The dominion of, or province ruled by, an ethnarch.
Rule or government by a man and a woman or by both men and women.
gynarchy, gynocracy:
Government by a woman or women; women as a ruling class.
A government or sovereignty of persons esteemed holy.
hierocracy, hierocratic:
1. The rule of priests or religious dignitaries; government by priests or ecclesiastics.
2. A body of ruling priests or ecclesiastics.
isocracy, isocratic:
Equality of power or rule; a system of government in which all the people possess equal political power.
The government of a state by the worst citizens.
If men and women of capacity refuse to take part in politics and government, they condemn themselves, as well as the people, to the punishment of living under a bad government.
—Senator Sam J. Ervin
A ruling body or order of thieves. Also, government by thieves; a nation ruled by this kind of government.
A government by judges; the governmental rule of judges in which they reach “desirable results” that fit some particular social philosophy.
A community or system of government in which words are the ruling powers.
Government or dominance of society by the mediocre.
meritocracy, meritocratic:
Government by persons selected on the basis of merit in a competitive educational system; a society so governed; a ruling or influential class of educated people.
Government by the middle classes.
Matriarchy; that form of social organization in which the mother, and not the father, is the head of the family, and in which descent and relationship are reckoned through mothers and not through fathers.
1. The rule of the mob, government by a mob.
2. The “mob” or lowest class as a ruling body; a ruling or politically supreme mob.
1. A person who advocates government by the mob.
2. A member of a mobocracy.
monocracy, monocratic:
Government by a single person; autocracy.
A government run by amateurs.
A system of government based on a legal code; the rule of law in a community.
ochlocracy, ochlocratic:
Government by the mob or lowest of the people; mob-rule.
pantisocracy, pantisocratic:
1. A form of social organization in which all are equal in rank and social position.
2. A utopian community in which all are equal and all rule.
A supporter of pantiscocracy.
1. A system in which power is held by the printed media, i.e. by newspapers, magazines, literature, etc..
pedantocracy, pedantocratic:
The rule by children or under the control of children.
A ruling class made up of people of one skin-color (usually white); a country or state with such a ruling class.
plutocracy, plutocratic:
1. The rule or sovereign power of wealth or of the wealthy.
2. A ruling or influential class of wealthy persons; a body of plutocrats.
Have you ever seen a candidate talking to a rich person on television?
—Art Buchwald
An advocate and/or member of a plutocracy.
pluto-democracy, pluto-democratic:
1. Plutocratic government which masquerades as democracy.
2. A country or state which purports to be a democracy but where power lies with the rich.
A government of many rulers; polyarchy.
Dominating influence of harlots or prostitutes: specifically, the government of Rome during the first half of the tenth century.
Government by beggars, the rule of paupers; a governing body consisting of the poor; loosely, the poor as a class.
Collective government or government by society as a whole.
Government or rule by the state alone, uncontrolled by ecclesiastical power.
stratocracy, stratocratic:
Government by the army; military rule; a polity in which the army is the controlling power.
technocracy, technocratic, technocratism:
1. The control of society or industry by technical experts; a ruling body of such experts.
2. A theory and movement of the 1930’s advocating the control of production and distribution by technicians and engineers.
technocrat, technocratic:
1. A bureaucrat who is intensively trained in engineering, economics, or some form of technology.
2. A proponent of government by technicians.
teleocracy, teleocratic:
An organization designed to fulfill a specific purose.
Mastery at sea; the sovereignty of the sea.
theocracy, theocratic:
1. A form of government in which God (or a deity) is recognized as the king or immediate ruler, and his laws are taken as the statute-book of the kingdom, these laws being usually administered by a priestly order as his ministers and agents; hence (loosely) a system of government by a sacerdotal order, claiming a divine commission; also, a state so governed: especially applied to the commonwealth of Israel from the exodus to the election of Saul as king.
2. A priestly order or religious body exercising political or civil power.
1. One who rules in a theocracy as the representative of the deity; a divine or deified ruler.
2. One who believes in or favors theocratic government; an advocate of theocracy.
A democracy under divine rule.
1. In Platonism, a state in which a love of honor and glory is the guiding principle of the rulers.
2. In Aristotelianism, a state in which the ownership of property is a qualification for office.
Rule or government by three gods; a group of three divine beings exercising joint rule.
A ruling body of foreigners.