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Proper Words: “decent” to “redecorate”

Words that include: decor- (Latin: proper, dignified, fitting, seemly; ornament, dignity)

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1. Becoming, seemly, fitting, proper.
2. Conforming to accepted standards of moral behavior.
3. Above average in quality or quantity.

Decent comes ultimately from Latin decere, “be fitting or suitable,” close relatives of which have produced decorate, dignity, and (from Greek) orthodox. Its present participial stem decent- was acquired by English, either directly from or via French décent.

décor, decor :
1. Decoration.
2. The decorative scheme of a room, state, set, etc.
1. To add something to so as to make more attractive; adorn; ornament.
2. To plan and arrange the colors, furnishings, etc. of.
3. To paint or wallpaper; as, to decorate a room.
4. To give a medal or similar token of honor to someone.

Decorate comes from Latin decoratus, the past participle of decorare, "to make beautiful," a verb derived from decus, "ornament." Its root decor-, also produced the adjective decorus, "beautiful, seemly," from which English gets decorous and via its neuter singular form, decorum. Décor is a 19th-century borrowing from French, where it was a derivative of the verb décorer.

1. The act of decorating.
2. Anything used for decorating; ornament.
3. A medal, badge, or similar token of honor.
That which serves to decorate; ornamental.
A person who decorates; specifically, a specialist in interior decoration.
A reference to decoration; decorative.
1. Characterized by or showing decorum, propriety, good taste, etc.
2. Characterized by decorum or outward conformity to the recognized standard of propriety and good taste in manners, behavior, etc.
3. As regards language, exemplifying propriety of diction and grammar.
1. Whatever is suitable or proper; propriety; fitness.
2. Propriety and good taste in behavior, speech, dress, etc.
3. An act or requirement of polite behavior.
4. That which is proper to the circumstances or requirements of a situation: seemliness, propriety, fitness.
5. Whatever is fitting or proper in behavior or demeanor, what is in accordance with the standard of good breeding; the avoidance of anything unseemly or offensive in manner.
To disgrace or dishonor; to disfigure; the opposite of decorating.
Contrary to decorum or propriety of behavior; in bad taste; immodest, indecent.
To decorate again.

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