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Eroto Words: “alloerotism” to “homo-erotic”

Words that include: eroto-, erot-, ero-, eros (Greek: love [more of a sexual love]; sexual passion or desire).

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Sexual desire directed toward another person (not toward oneself).
autoerotism, autoerotic:
Spontaneous erotism, self-erotism; sexual gratification aroused or obtained by oneself, i.e. not with another person; masturbation.
Producing erotic feelings; often a reference to parts of the body that are sensitive to sexual arousal.
From Greek mythology, the god of love, son of Aphrodite. He was identified by the Romans with Cupid.
1. Sexual love or desire.
2. In psychiatry, the libido or the psychic energy associated with it.
1. Of or arousing sexual feelings or desires; having to do with sexual love; amatory.
2. Highly susceptible to sexual stimulation.
3. Of or pertaining to the passion of love; concerned with or treating of love; amatory.
1. Erotic books, pictures, etc.
2. Matters of love; erotic literature or art (frequently as a heading in catalogs).
eroticism, erotism:
1. Erotic quality or character.
2. Sexual instincts or desire; sexual excitement or behavior.
3. Preoccupation with sex.
To make erotic; to stimulate sexually.
A pathologic preoccupation with sexual fantasies or activities. Considered to be the same as erotomania.
Sexual excitement.
To transform (an emotion, etc.) into sexual feelings.
In psychiatry, the morbid impulse to travel as an escape from some painful sexual situation.
In psychiatry, the origin of erotic impulses. Freud suggested that the sexual instincts in humans are complex and result from impulses coming from several sources, among them the oral, anal, and phallic zones.
erotogenic, erotogenetic:
In psychiatry, relating to or having its origin in the libidinal or erotic instinct; commonly applied to libidinal impulses that are expressed through special body areas or erotogenic zones (genitals, mouth, anus, urethra).
Arising from erotic desires.
In psychiatry, a morbid impulse to write love letters. The letters are generally written anonymously.
1. The study of love and its manifestations.
2. The study of or the “science” of love.
1. In psychiatry, a syndrome that occurs almost exclusively in females, consisting of the delusional belief that a man, usually older and of higher social status, is deeply in love with the patient.
2. Sometimes, it occurs in healthier, sexually active, aggressive women who develop intense but short-lived delusions about a man whom they admire for his wealth, power, or position. As time brings more denials of the reality of their beliefs, such women give up the man in question and move on to another with whom they repeat the cycle.
3. Melancholy or madness arising from passionate love.
A person with abnormal sexual desires.
Abnormal sexual desires.
In psychiatry, any abnormality of the sexual impulse.
In psychiatry, an aversion to sex, including avoidance or denial of sexual feelings; sexual aversion disorder.
In psychiatry, sexual arousal and orgasm that are dependent on sacrificial killing of the partner; lust murder that may involve sadism and/or rape.
Sexual desire directed toward another person.
Pertaining to or characterized by a tendency for erotic emotions to be centred on a person of the same sex; of or pertaining to a homo-erotic person. Frequently a synonym of homosexual.

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