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Fecund Words: “fecund” to “unfecundated”

Words that include: fecund- (Latin: fruitful, fertile).

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fecund [FEE kuhnd; FEK und], fecundness:
1. Of animals, the earth, etc.; capable of producing offspring or vegetable growth abundantly; prolific, fertile; producing, fertility, fertilizing.
2. Fruitful in offspring or vegetation; prolific, fertile.
The probability that a woman who is neither pregnant nor in postpartum amenorrhea will conceive during a given menstrual cycle.
1. To render fruitful or productive.
2. To make the female (individual or organ) fruitful by the introduction of the male element; to impregnate, fertilize; pollinate..
Fertilization; fecundatio ab extra, pregnancy that occurs in the absence of penile penetration into the vagina.
fecundation, fecundatory:
1. The process of fecundating; fertilization, impregnation.
2. The act of rendering fertile.
Serving to fecundate; fertilizing.
One who or that which fecundates or fertilizes.
fecundity [fe KUHN di ti]:
1. A reference to female animals: the faculty of reproduction, the capacity for bringing forth young; productiveness.
2. In botany, the faculty or power of germinating.
3. Of the earth: The quality of producing abundantly; fertility.
4. Productiveness in general, the faculty or power of being fruitful, fertility: of material things (e.g. animals, plants, etc.) and of immaterial things (words, wisdom, power, etc.).
5. The power or the quality of multiplying or being multiplied, especially rapidly; as, the fecundity of the press; also, the quality of bringing forth in abundance; productiveness; as, the fecundity of good soil; specifically, richness in invention; as, the fecundity of Shakespeare’s genius.
6. In biology, the power or quality of producing offspring rapidly and in large numbers; potential reproductive capacity, as seen in the ability to produce mature, fertilizable ova, and to produce from them living offspring.
7. In demography, the ability to conceive reproductive potential as distinguished from reproductive performance (fertility).
Not fecund, prolific, or fruitful; barren, unproductive.
Unfertilized; not impregnated.
Unfruitfulness; barrenness; female sterility.
1. Successive fertilization by two or more separate instances of sexual intercourse of two or more ova formed during the same menstrual cycle. Fertilization may be by the same male or by two different males.
2. The fertilization of two or more ova by spermatozoa from different acts of coitus, thus allowing the production of litter-mates or siblings with different fathers; also known as superimpregnation.
Fertility more abundant than normal.
Not fecund, prolific, or fruitful; barren, unproductive.