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Smoke Words: “effumation” to “perfumery”

Words including: fumi-, fum- (Latin: smoke, vapor)

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The action of converting into fumes or vapor; an emitted vapor.
To puff out smoke.
To expose to the action of smoke.
a. To give a smoky taste to (wine).
b. To dry in smoke; (infumate ).
c. To make dingy, obscure with smoke.
d. To blind as with smoke.
Smoking; hence, fond of smoking; addicted to smoking.
A place for smoking; a smoke chamber.
fumarole, fumerole:
A volcanic hole or vent through which vapor (steam and hot gasses) is emitted; a smoke-hole.
Of or belonging to a fumarole; formed by a fumarole.
Someone who deceives or who throws up a smoke screen.
An air-tight compartment in which vapor may be generated to destroy germs or insects; especially, the apparatus used to destroy fungus scale on nursery stock, with hydrocyanic acid vapor.
1. A place set apart for smoking or for fumigating purposes.
2. Of or pertaining to (tobacco) smoking.
1. The volatile matter produced by and usually accompanying combustion; smoke.
2. Odorous smoke (e.g. that of incense, tobacco, etc.).
3. Something used or prepared for producing aromatic vapor.
4. Odor or odorous exhalation (either fragrant or offensive) emitted from a substance, flower, etc.
5. The vapor given off by acids and volatile substances; said especially of exhalations or vapors that are irritating, stifling, or the like.
6. In a figurative sense, something comparable to smoke or vapor as being unsubstantial, transient, imaginary, etc.
fume, noun. 1. Smoke; vapor from combustion, as from burning wood or tobacco.
2. Vapor; volatile matter ascending in a dense body.
3. Exhalation from the stomach; as the fumes of wine.
4. Rage; heat; as the fumes of passion.
5. Any thing unsubstantial or fleeting.
6. Idle conceit; vain imagination.
fume, intransitive verb;
1. To smoke; to throw off vapor, as in combustion. Where the golden altar fumed.
2. To yield vapor or visible exhalations. Jonathan lay, whose constant cups lay fuming to his brain.
3. To pass off in vapors. Their parts are kept from fuming away by their fixity.
4. To be in a rage; to be hot with anger. He frets, he fumes, he stares, he stamps the ground.
fume, transitive verb
1. To smoke; to dry in smoke.
2. To perfume. She fumed the temples with an odorous flame.
3. To disperse or drive away in vapors. The heat will fume away most of the scent.
Fuming, vaporous.
A passage for smoke.
Smoky, smoking.
Smoking or steaming.
Bearing or producing fumes or smoke.
One who or that which drives away smoke or fumes.
fumigate, fumigated, fumigating:
1. To expose to the action of smoke or of fumes of any kind as a means of disinfection or eradication.
2. To scent with fumes; to perfume.
The act of fumigating; the use of a fumigant.
One who or that which fumigates; an apparatus for applying smoke, gas, or perfume.
An air-tight container or building in which fumigation, especially of plants, takes place.
A room or an apparatus used for fumigation.
An obsessive or uncontrollable desire to smoke a tobacco product (cigarettes, cigars, or pipe, etc.) which may be defined as an addictiion.
Giving forth a visible vapor, a property of concentrated nitric, sulfuric, and hydrochloric acids, and certain other substances.
An intense hatred, or fear, of smoking or having anyone around who is polluting the air in the immediate vicinity with tobacco smoke; whether from cigarettes, cigars, pipes, or from any similar process of smoke distribution.
1. Emitting smoke or vapor.
2. Of a chimney, smoky.
3. Of the nature of fume, vapor, or smoke.
4. Belonging to or of the nature of fumes which rise in the body or stomach.
Incorrect form of fumatory.
Feeding or living on smoke.
1. Full of fumes, giving off fumes, vaporous, flatulent.
2. Smoky, thick with smoke, like smoke.
1. The quality of being full of fumes or vapors.
2. The flatulent quality of various articles of food; the heady quality of wine, etc.
3. Ill-smelling breath; smell of food or drink in the breath.
4. A fumy or vaporous exhalation from anything, a fume; the volatile part given off from a mineral or the like.
1. Giving off fumes; especially tending to generate wind or gas in the stomach, flatulent.
2. Pertaining to smoke or smoking.
Composed of, or full of, fumes, vapors, or smoke; of the nature of fume or fumes.
infumate, infumated, infumation:
To smoke (a thing), to dry by smoking.
1. The odorous fumes or vapor given off by the burning of any substance, especially by such things that emit an agreeable odor; such as, incense.
2. The volatile particles, scent, or odor emitted by any sweet-smelling substance; the fragrance diffused by a liquid scent, exhaled by flowers, etc.
3. A substance, natural or prepared, that emits, or is capable of emitting an agreeable odor; a fluid containing the essence of flowers or other odorous substances; scent. Originally applied to a diffuse sweet-smelling odor when something was burned.
1. The preparation of perfumes; the business of a perfumer.
2. A perfumer’s place of business.