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Gamo- Words: “hercogamy” to “xenogamy”,
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Words that contain: gamo-, gam-, -gamy, -gamous (Greek: marriage, union; wedding; pertaining to sexual union).

The prevention of self-fertilization in flowers by means of structural obstacles.
heterogamy, heterogamous, heterogamic, heterogamosis:
1. Marriage between persons distinctly unsuitable for each other or who are grossly incomptible.
2. In botany, mediate or indirect fertilization of plants.
A sacred marriage.
hologamy, hologamic, hologamous:
A mode of reproduction found in certain protozoa and alg, in which copulation consists in the fusion of whole organisms morphologically similar to the vegetative form.
homogamy, homogamous:
1. In botany, fertilization of a flower by its own pollen or by that of another flower on the same plant.
2. Applied to flowers in which the stamens and pistils ripen together.
3. Similarity of husband and wife in a specific trait.
hypergamy, hypergamous:
1. A term used to denote the custom that forbids the marriage of a woman into a group of lower standing than her own.
2. Any marriage with a partner of higher social standing.
hypogamy, hypogamous:
The marriage of a woman into a lower caste or into a tribe of lower standing than her own.
One who is capable of sexual union with only one or a few individuals of the opposite sex, being impotent in the presence of any others.
A state of being sexually potent with just a few women and impotent with all other.
isogamy, isogamous:
1. The fusion of isogametes in some algae and fungi during reproduction. An isogamete is a gamete that is physically identical to another with which it unites to form a zygote.
2. The union of two equal and similar gametes or cells in reproduction, as in conjugation. Among animals the male gametes are known as spermatozoa and the female gametes as eggs or ova.
Marriage between persons of the same or nearly the same age.
A fusion of cell nuclei that occurs in fertilization or true conjugation.
One who hates marriage.
misogamy, misogamous, misogamic:
A hatred of or aversion to marriage.
One who is married to one spouse.
monogamy, monogamous:
1. The condition, rule, or custom of being married to only one person at a time (opposed to polygamy or bigamy); chiefly applied to the rule or custom (more explicitly called monogyny) by which a man can have only one wife, but also including monandry, the rule or custom by which a woman can have only one husband.
2. The practice or principle of marrying only once, or of not remarrying after the death of the first spouse:; the opposite of digamy.
Marriage between persons highly suitable for each other.
octogamy, octogamous:
Being married to eight spouses.
opsigamy, opsigamous:
1. Marriage late in life.
2. Marriage in which one or both partners are quite advanced in age.
pantagamy, pantagamous; pantogamy, pantogamous:
1. Community marriage in which every woman is married to every man, and vice versa.
2. A communistic system of complex marriage, in which all the men and women of a household or community are regarded as married to each other. The Masai tribes of Kenya and parts of Tanzania are said to practice this form of marriage.
One who has five spouses.
pentagamy, pentagamous:
Married to five spouses at the same time.
polyandry, polyandrous:
The marriage of a woman to several (more than two) men at the same time.
Someone who commits polygamy.
polygamy, polygamous:
1. In law, the offense of having several wives or husbands at the same time. Bigamy literally means a second marriage distinguished from a third or other; while polygamy means many marriages and implies more than two.
2. In law, a person is guilty of polygamy if he/she marries or cohabits with more than one spouse at a time in a purported exercise of the right of plural marriage.
3. Polygamia est plurium simul virorum uxorumve conubium (Polygamy is the marriage with many husbands or wives at one time).
polygyny, polygynous:
The marriage of a man to more than two women at the same time.
pseudogamy, pseudogamous:
A false marriage.
Someone who has four spouses (wives or husbands).
Married to four spouses at the same time or a fourth marriage.
A marriage founded only on sexual attraction.
syngamy, sygamous, syngamic:
1. Free interbreeding between organisms.
2. The fusion of two cells, or of their nuclei, in reproduction.
tetragamy, tetragamous:
1. A fourth marriage.
2. Marriage with four spouses simultaneously.
trigamy, trigamous:
1. The state of having three wives or husbands at the same time; the crime of contracting a third marriage while two previous spouses are alive.
2. Marriage for the third time after the death of former wives or husbands.
xenogamy, xenogamous:
In botany, fertilization by pollen from another plant of the same species; cross-fertilization.