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Grapho- Words Meaning Write, Record: “accelerograph” to “axonography”,
Part 1 of 11.

Words that include: grapho-, graph-, -graph, -graphy,
-grapher, -graphia
(Greek: to scratch; write, record, draw, describe).

The scribe points out the etymology theme of writing elements.

An apparatus for recording the succession of pressures developed in a power-chamber by the combustion of a charge; also, an instrument for recording the acceleration of earth-tremors.
The art of making blocks in relief, as a substitute for wood-engraving.
actinograph, actinography:
1. An instrument, invented by Sir J. Herschel in 1838, for recording the variations in the power of the solar rays.
2. An instrument (of which there are various kinds) used for recording actinic power of light, to determine the correct time of exposure for a photographic plates.
actograph, actography:
A device enabling the amount of movement of an animal placed inside it to be recorded.
An addressing-machine for printing addresses.
Description of the glandular system.
An air brush.
aerographer, aerographic, aerographical:
One who undertakes a description of the atmosphere.
Description of the atmosphere.
In medicine, A condition in which one writes with great rapidity, leaving out words or parts of words.
Sayings of Jesus Christ not recorded in the Bible but found in other early Christian writings; literally, “no writing”.
Inability to recognize letters or numbers drawn by the examiner on skin. The patients’ eyes are closed if this is done on skin visible to them.
agraphia, agraphic:
1. Loss of the ability to write, resulting from neurological damage such as a brain lesion. Also: logagraphia.
2. Inability to write properly in the absence of abnormalities of the limb; often accompanies aphasia and alexia; caused by lesions in various portions of the cerebrum, especially those in or near the angular gyrus. Also: anorthogrphy.
Description of grasses.
airgraph, Airgraph:
A form of airmail registered by Kodak Ltd., in which the correspondent’s letter is photographed on a reduced scale; a letter so transmitted.
algraphy, algraphic:
The art or process of printing from aluminium plates.
allograph, allographic:
1. Something, especially a signature, written by one person on another’s behalf.
2. A letter or combination of letters that is one of a set that can be used to represent the same speech sound (phoneme); such as, “s”, “ss”, and “c” in English.
Radiography of the amniotic sac after the injection of radiopaque, water-soluble solution into the sac, which outlines the umbilical cord, the placenta, and the soft tissues of the fetal body; now considered an obsolete technique. Also: fetography.
The scientific description of the vine.
anaglyptography, anaglyptograph, anaglyptographic:
A machine for producing representations in relief, of coins, medals, etc.
anagraphy, anagraph:
A writing up, a record; a registering or recording of matters, an inventory.
An instrument for registering the movements and amount of expiration and inspiration.
One who publishes anecdota or secret histories.
anemography, anemographic, anemograph:
An instrument for recording on paper the direction and force of the wind.
Demonstration of an aneurysm, usually by means of x-rays and a contrast medium.
A descriptive treatise about angels.
X-ray imaging of the heart and great vessels made visible by injection of a radiopaque solution.
angiography, angiograph, angiographic:
1. Radiography of vessels after the injection of a radiopaque contrast material; usually requires percutaneous insertion of a radiopaque catheter and positioning under fluoroscopic control.
2. A special kind of sphygmograph or instrument for recording on paper the movements of the pulse.
animatography, animatograph, animatographic:
An early name for the cinematograph; also, a cinematographic camera.
anopisthography, anopisthograph, anopisthographic:
Having no writing (or printing) on the back; inscribed only on one side.
anorthography, anorthographic:
The loss of the ability to write correctly.
The scientific description of flowers.
That department of geography that treats the relations of the earth to mankind as its inhabitants.
1. A description of all the parts of the human body.
2. The branch of anthropology that deals with the geographical distribution of the races of mankind, and their local variations; ethnography.
1.Radiographic imaging of the aorta and its branches, or a portion of the aorta, by injection of contrast medium.
2. Imaging of the aorta by ultrasound or magnetic resonance.
Noninvasive graphic recording of cardiac pulsations from the region of the apex, usually of the left ventricle, and resembling the ventricular pressure curve.
A device for determining the size and position of the apex of a tooth root.
apograph, apographal:
An exact copy or transcript.
archeography, archaeographical:
Systematic description of antiquities.
areography, areographic:
A written description of the physical features of Mars.
arteriography, arteriographic:
1. Systematic description of the arteries.
2. Visualization of an artery or arteries by x-ray imaging after injection of a radiopaque contrast medium.
1. A systematic description of the joints.
2. Radiography of a joint after injecting one or more contrast media into the joint.
Radiographic examination of a joint after it has been injected with air.
The mapping of the heavens; the science of describing the stars.
An instrument for measuring the degree and direction of the swaying of the body and head in static ataxia, with the individual's eyes closed. Also: ataxiameter.
A writing or graving in gold.
One who writes about his/her life.
A man is dictating his life story to a stenographer.

autobiography, autobiographic, autobiographical:
An account of someone’s life written by that person; self-life writing.
An autobiography usually reveals nothing bad about its writer except his/her memory.
— Franklin P. Jones
A book that describes a person’s many interesting experiences, some of which are true.
—Evan Esar
autograph, autography, autographic, autographically:
1. The act of writing something by hand or “self writing”.
2. A copy of a document or text handwritten by its creator.
3. To write one’s signature on something such as a book or photograph.
The scribe points out the etymology theme of writing elements.
Someone who writes by hand; self writing.
An instrument for recording automatic movements.
autoradiograph, autoradiography:
Image of the distribution and concentration of radioactivity in a tissue or other substance made by placing a photographic emulsion on the surface of, or in close proximity to, the substance.
auxanography, auxanographic:
A method of studying the effects and interactions of various substances in promoting or inhibiting the growth of micro-organisms, by inducing diffusion gradients of the substances in agar plates on which the micro-organisms are grown.
The recording of electrical changes in axons. Also: electroaxonography.