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Grapho- Words Meaning Write, Record: “ballistocardiograph” to “cartography”,
Part 2 of 11.

Words that include: grapho-, graph-, -graph, -graphy,
-grapher, -graphia
(Greek: to scratch; write, record, draw, describe).

The scribe points out the etymology theme of writing elements.

ballistocardiograph, ballistocardiiography, ballistocardiographic:
1.The graphic recording of movements of the body imparted by ballistic forces (cardiac contraction and ejection of blood, ventricular filling, acceleration, and deceleration of blood flow through the great vessels); these minute movements are amplified and recorded on moving chart paper after being translated into an electrical potential by a pickup device.
2. An instrument for recording the movements of the body caused by ejection of blood from the ventricles at each beat of the heart.
3. The study and interpretation of ballistocardiograms.
A written description about baths.
barograph, barometrograph:
1. A barometer constructed so that it automatically describes the variations in atmospheric pressure.
2. A device that gives a continuous record of barometric pressure.
An instrument that makes graphic records of abnormalities of gait.
bathythermograph, bathythermography:
An instrument that automatically records the temperature of water at various depths.
bibliography, bibliograph, bibliographic, bibliographical:
1. A list of books and articles consulted, appearing at the end of a book or other text.
2. A list of books and articles on a particular subject.
3. The history of books and other publications, and the work of classifying and describing them.
bio-bibliography, bio-bibliographical:
A bibliography containing biographical information about the author or authors.
biogeography, biogeograph, biogeographic:
The science of the geographical distribution of living things, animal and vegetable.
1. An earlier form of the cinematograph.
2. An instrument for analyzing and rendering visible the movements of animals; used in diagnosis of certain nervous diseases.
3. To write or prepare a biography.
One who writes about the lives of people excluding oneself.
Dead men tell no tales, but many have biographers who do.
—Laurence J. Peter
biography, biograph, biographic, biographical:
1. An account of someone’s life in the form of a book, movie, or television program, written or produced by another person.
2. Books about people’s lives, considered as a whole or as a type of literature.
Obsolete term for the making of x-ray pictures of subjects in motion. Now known as cineradiography.
The scientific description of the buds of plants.
Written descriptions of plants.
brachygraphy, brachygraphic:
The art or practice of writing with abbreviations or with abbreviated characters; shorthand, stenography.
bromography, bromograph:
A treatise or dissertation about food.
Use of a single lumen endobronchial tube for measurement of ventilatory function of one lung.
brontography, brontograph, brontographic:
An instrument for recording the phenomena associated with thunderstorms.
Someone who has poor penmanship and spelling skills.
cacography, cacographic, cacographical:
1. Bad handwriting.
2. The presentation of poor spelling skills when writing.
calligrapher, calligraphist:
Someone who writes with beautiful penmanship.
calligraphy, calligraphic, calligraphical:
1. The art of beautiful penmanship.
2. Good handwriting skills.
3. A script of high aesthetic value produced by brush, especially that of Chinese, Japanese, or Arabic origin.

Calligraphy, the art of penmanship, or handwriting at its most formal, is a major art form in eastern Asia, China, Korea, Japan, and in Arabic-speaking countries. In Europe and America, it has been less widely practiced.

The artistic effect depends on a combination of factors; such as, quality materials, the selection of an appropriate and effective writing instrument, the correct formation of the symbols according to an accepted style of writing, the placing of these symbols in an elegant sequence, and the harmonious layout of the text on the page.

Instrument by which a continuous graph of the carbon dioxide content of expired air is obtained.
cardiography, cardiograph, cardiographic:
An instrument that registers the motions of the heart by tracing a curve on paper, etc.
cardiokymograph, cardiokymogrphy:
Noninvasive device, placed on the chest, capable of recording anterior left ventricle segmental wall motion; consists of a five-cm diameter capacitive plate transducer as part of a high frequency, low-power oscillator with recording probe; changes in wall motion affect the magnetic field and thus the oscillatory frequency which is then recorded on a multichannel analog waveform polygraph.
An instrument for recording graphically the movements of the heart and the radial pulse.
One who makes or compiles charts or maps.
A map maker is drawing a map.
cartography, cartograph, cartographic, cartographical:
The science, skill or work of making maps.