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Grapho- Words Meaning Write, Record: “cathodography” to “cystourethrography”,
Part 3 of 11.

Words that include: grapho-, graph-, -graph, -graphy,
-grapher, -graphia
(Greek: to scratch; write, record, draw, describe).

The scribe points out the etymology theme of writing elements.

cathodography, cathodograph, cathodographic:
A photograph of normally invisible objects taken by means of cathode rays; an X-ray photograph.
cecography, cecograph:
A writing apparatus for the blind.
celidography, celidograph:
A description of the spots on the sun or planets.
ceramograph, ceramograph:
The historical description of pottery.
cerography, cerograph:
1. Writing or painting on or in wax.
2. Applied to the encaustic painting of the ancients.
3. Engraving on wax spread on a sheet of copper, from which a stereotype plate is taken.
Technique, equivalent to colposcopy, for photographing part or all of the uterine cervix.
chalcography, chalcograph, chalcographic:
Engraving on copper or brass.
1. Any mechanical engraving process depending upon chemical action; specifically a process of zinc etching without the aid of photography.
2. A process of obtaining half-tones by printing, from the same plate, in two colors, or two shades of the same color, one of which is slightly out of register.
chirography, cheirography, chirograph, cheirograph,
chirographic, cheirographic, chirographical, cheirographical
1. Handwriting, autograph.
2. The art of beautiful penmanship; calligraphy.
3. The penmanship of a person, especially when used in an important document, as in an apostolic letter written and signed by the pope.
Radiographic examination of the bile ducts.
Radiographic examination of the bile ducts and pancreas.
Ultrasonic examination of the gallbladder.
Radiographic examination of the bile duct after the administration of a radiopaque substance.
choreographer, choreographist:
Someone who plans and produces dance presentations.
choreography, choreograph, choreographic:
1. The work or skill of planning dance movements to accompany music.
2. The steps and movements planned for a ballet or dance routine, or a written record of them.
3. The carefully planned or executed organization of an event, or the maneuvering of people or things.
chromatography, chromograph:
The separation of chemical substances and particles (originally plant pigments and other highly colored compounds) by differential movement through a two-phase system. The mixture of materials to be separated is percolated through a column or sheet of some suitable chosen absorbent (e.g., an ion-exchange material); the substances least absorbed are least retarded and emerge the earliest; those more strongly absorbed emerge later.
chromolithography, chromolithograph:
A picture printed in colors from stone.
chromoxylography, chromoxylograph:
Printing in colors from wooden blocks.
chronography, chronograph:
1. An instrument for graphic measurement and recording brief periods of time.
2. An instrument for recording time with extreme exactness; also, a watch or clock to which various mechanical devices are attached for the same purpose. It is used in astronomical and other observations, in the timing of races, etc.
A photograph taken as one of a series for the purpose of showing successive phases of a motion.
A written description of colors.
1. The art of writing in inks containing gold or silver in suspension.
2. The gold writing produced in this way.
chthonography, chthonograph:
A history or written description of soils.
Motion pictures of the passage of a contrast medium through chambers of the heart and great vessels.
Someone responsible for the lighting and camera work for a motion picture and the general look of the motion picture.
cinematography, cinematograph, cinematographic:
The art or technique of photographing and lighting motion pictures.
cinemicrography, cinemicrograph:
The making of a cine-film of an object, process, etc., seen with the aid of a microscope.
The making of a motion picture of microscopic objects; time lapse photography is often used.
cineradiograhy, cinefluorography, cineroentgenography:
Radiography of an organ in motion, e.g., the heart, the gastrointestinal tract.
A technique for measuring movements of the body by continuous photographic recording of shaking or vibration.
A diagram showing the effect of climate on health.
cosmography, cosmograph:
1. The science which describes and maps the general features of the universe (both the heavens and the earth), without encroaching on the special provinces of astronomy or geography.
2. A description or representation of the universe or of the earth in its general features.
The art of representing, by drawings made from measurements, the configuration of the skull and the relations of its angles and craniometric points.
A device for recording the degree and rate of growth.
cryptographer, cryptographist:
One who writes with secret code.
cryptography, cryptographic, cryptographical, cryptographal:
1. The science or study of secret writing, especially code and cipher systems.
2. The procedures and methods of making and using secret languages; such as, codes or ciphers.
Radiography of the bladder and urrethra.
Radiography of the bladder and urethra during voiding, following filling of the bladder with a radiopaque contrast medium either by intravenous injection or retrograde catheterization.