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Iatro Words: “iatrogenic” to “zoiatrist”,
Part 2 of 2.

Words that include: iatro-, iater-, -iatria, -iatric, -iatrician, -iatrics, -iatry (Greek: physician; heal, cure, treat; medical healing).

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1. A feeling that is induced by a physician; effect of a physician’s words or actions upon a patient.
2. Denoting response to medical or surgical treatment, induced by the treatment itself; usually used for unfavorable responses.
3. Originally applied to disorders induced in the patient by autosuggestion based on the physician’s examination, manner, or discussion, the term is now applied to any adverse condition in a patient occurring as the result of treatment by a physician or surgeon, especially to infections acquired by the patient during the course of treatment.
Production or inducement of any harmful change in the somatic or psychic condition of a patient by means of the words or actions of a doctor. The physician may tell the patient that he has an enlarged heart, for example, or low blood pressure, or a glandular disturbance, and such information may provide a nucleus around which the patient builds a neurosis or psychosis.
1. The study of medicine.
2. A rarely used term for medical science.
3. The science of, or a treatise on, medicine.
iatromathematical, iatromathematics:
1. Practicing medicine in conjunction with astrology.
2. Relating to or holding a mathematical theory of medicine; applied to a school of physicians that arose in Italy in the 17th century, whose system of physiology and medicine was founded on the principles of mathematics and mechanics.
One who belongs to the iatromathematical school.
The same thing as iatrophysics.
An aversion to or dislike of physicians.
The desire on the part of a woman to expose herself to a physician under the pretext of being ill.
An excessive fondness for physicians.
1. An excessive fear of physicians.
2. A fear of going to a doctor.
1. An Italian school of medicine active in the 17th century; the school opposed iatrochemistry and, inspired by the earlier experiments of Harvey and Sanctorius, comined medicine, physics, and mechanics. René Descartes was an early exponent of iatrophysics, and his posthumous de homine (1662) was the first modern textbook on physiology.
2. Denoting a school of medical thought in the 17th century that explained all physiologic and pathologic phenomena by the laws of physics.
A member of the iatrophysical school.
1. Physics as applied to medicine or of medical and surgical treatment.
2. The treatment of diseases by physical or mechanical means; physiatrics.
iatrotechnique, iatrotechnical:
Rarely used term for the art of medicine and surgery; the technique or mode of application of medical science.
A physician who specializes in a particular medical area.
Medical science or the study of medicine.
Kinesitherapy, treatment by movements or exercises.
The study and treatment of speech disorders.
A lawyer who is an expert in medical cases.
Medical law.
Dental therapeutics.
A cross-disciplinary science combining child psychiatry, developmental psychology, pediatrics, and family care devoted to the discovery, prevention, and treatment of mental and psychological disorders in children and adolescents.
A physician who specializes in the treatment of children and their development and care and of the diseases of children and their treatment.
The medical specialty concerned with the study and treatment of children in health and disease during development from birth through adolescence.
A physician who treats prisoners, as in a penitentiary.
A rarely used term for pediatrics.
A rarely used term for someone who is interested in the study of medicine.
The study of speech habits; the science of speech and medical treatment for speech problems.
A physician who specializes in physiatry (rehabilitation medicine).
1. That branch of medicine which deals with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease with the aid of physical agents; such as, light, heat, cold, water, and electricity, or with mechanical apparatus; physical medicine.
2. An old term for physical therapy.
3. Rehabilitation management.
1. A physician who specializes in physiatrics.
2. A physician who specializes in physical medicine.
3. A health care professional who administers physical therapy; a physical therapist.
Physical medicine; physiatrics.
A specialist in podiatry; formerly called chiropodist.
The specialty concerned with the diagnosis and/or medical, surgical, mechanical, physical, and adjunctive treatment of the diseases, injuries, and defects of the human foot.
A person who pretends to be a physician on the basis of some self-acquired knolwledge.
Pertaining to or within the purview of psychiatry.
The medical specialty concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders.
Medical treatment of both mind and body.
The medical treatment of animals in a zoo or menagerie.
An abnormal fear of foreign doctors.
zoiatria, zoatrics:
The science and art of treating the diseases and injuries of lower animals.
Someone who specializes in the medical treatment of animals; more commonly known as a veterinarian.


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