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Balance, Even Words: “deliberate” to “libration”

libra-, liber-, libri- (Latin: balance; to be balanced; level, make even; Roman pound)

1. Well weighed or considered; carefully thought out; formed, carried out, etc. with careful consideration and full intention; done of set purpose; studied; not hasty or rash.
2. When referring to people: Characterized by deliberation; considering carefully; careful and slow in deciding; not hasty or rash.
3. Leisurely, slow, not hurried: in movement or moving agents.
Carefully weighed in the mind.
1. With careful consideration; not hastily or rashly; of set purpose.
2. Without haste, leisurely, slowly.
The quality of being deliberate, or of showing careful consideration; absence of haste in making a decision.
1. The action of deliberating, or weighing a thing in the mind; careful consideration with a view to making a decision.
2. The consideration and discussion of the reasons for and against a measure by a number of councillors (e.g. in a legislative assembly).
3. Absence of hurry; slowness in action or movement; leisureliness.
Absence or destruction of equilibrium; to throw out of balance.
That which is in a state of equilibrium; evenly balanced.
One who is skilled in feats of balancing; especially a rope-walker or an acrobat.
The state or condition of being equally balanced; equilibrium.
1. A physical state or sense of being able to maintain bodily balance.
2. The ability to maintain a mental state of calmness and composure.
3. A state or situation in which opposing forces or factors balance each and stability is attained.
4. In a physical sense: The condition of equal balance between opposing forces; that state of a material system in which the forces acting upon the system, or those that are taken into consideration, are so arranged that their resultant at every point is zero.
5. The state of equal balance between powers of any kind; equality of importance or effect among the various parts of any complex unity.
6. The condition of suspense or uncertainty produced by equality with the forces of opposing influences; neutrality of judgement or volition.
Lacking equilibrium; unbalanced.
1. A flat, horizontal surface.
2. A land area of uniform elevation.
3. Having a flat, smooth surface.
4. To knock down with or as if with a blow, to level something.
5. To render persons or things equal; equalize.
6. Having no irregularities, roughness, or indentations.

The Latin word for a “balance” or “scales” was libra (English took it as Libra, the zodiacal sign and it lies behind many terms for units of measurement, including litre [or liter] and the abbreviation lb or £ for “pound”). Its diminutive form was libella, which denoted an “instrument for checking horizontally” and hence a “horizontal line.” It passed into Old French as livel (which in modern French has become niveau “level”), and entered English as level.

1. In astronomy, a small constellation in the southern hemisphere between Virgo and Scorpio.
2. In the zodiac, the seventh sign of the zodiac represented by a pair of scales and lasting from approximately September 23 to October 2
2. Libra is classified as an air sign and its ruling planet is Venus.
1. A piece of land worth a pound a year.
2. To place in the scales, to weigh.
3. To oscillate like the beam of a balance; to move from side to side or up and down.
4. When referring to a bird, etc.; to be poised, to balance itself.
A real or apparent oscillation in the orbit of one celestial body as seen from the one around which it orbits; especially, as seen in the Moon from the Earth.