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Logo- Words: talk, speak; word: “alogia” to “logomancy”,
Part 1 of 2.

Words that include: logo-, log-, -logia, -logic, -logical, -logism, -logician, -logian, -logist, -logy ["-ology" is in a separate list] (Greek: talk, speak; speech; word)

Many people get unlimited mileage out of a limited vocabulary.

The inability to speak due to a mental deficiency or an episode of dementia.
Illogical; unreasonable, inconsiderate.
An abnormal slowness or deliberation in speech.
choplogic, choplogical:
Absurdly convoluted, sophistical, or illogical argumentation; glib and specious reasoning; a person who uses such logic.
1. Impairment of speech and reasoning as the result of a mental disorder.
2. Impairment of reasoning powers marked by an inability to express ideas in speech.
Morbid verbosity or loquacity.
Lack of the ability to speak.
A medical word.
An excessive flow of words.
The inability to recall a word.
Any speech defect due to damage of the central nervous system.
1. The inability to express ideas in writing.
2. The loss of power to express thoughts by means of spoken words as a result of a disease or injury of certain brain centers.
Forgetting words.
A mania , or obsession, for trying to recall forgotten words.
Words having a metrical rhythm.
logaphasia, logophasia:
Speech or writing defect due to damage of the brain.
Words having a metrical rhythm.
One whose enthusiasm for words outstrips his knowledge of them.
Disturbance of that faculty of the mind that deals with speech.
Superstition about a particular word.
logion, singular; logia, plural:
Maxim of a religious teacher or some other significant saying; especially, a saying of Jesus unrecorded in the Gospels (or one of the so-called agrapha) or one of certain sayings of Mohammed.
1. This is equal to “logotype”, that is a single piece of typeface with a composite, like a slogan, a trademark, and/or an emblem; therefore, an identifying statement or symbol.
2. A design used by an organization on its letterhead advertising material, and signs as an emblem by which the organization can easily be recognized.
To kill a word or any attempt to eliminate a word.
logoclonia, logoklony:
1. Spasmodic repetition of the end syllables of words.
2. Reiterative utterances of parts of words; reported frequently in Alzheimer disease.
A system of government in which words are the ruling power; that is, words, words, WORDS; signifying nothing!
Someone who is cunning. ingenious, or intricate in the use of words. This term is related to Daedalus, the Athenian artificer of Greek mythology who designed the famed Labyrinth for the Minotaur of Crete.
1. Arbitrary coinage of words; word skill.
2. The imaginative or capricious coining of new words.
Rapid, voluble (excessive) speech.
Fascinated by words.
1. One who legislates about words. Literally, “a leader or guider in words, and someone who is a language legislator or dictator, a person who lays down rules about words.”
2. A self-styled authority on words.
logogram, logograph:
A symbol that represents the meaning of a whole word or phrase; that is, the symbols used in shorthand or the symbols: $, #, &, %, £, ¶, ©, etc.
A prose writer in ancient Greece.
The art of arranging letters for printing.
1. A word puzzle, especially an anagram.
2. A word puzzle in which a single word must be discovered from combinations of synonyms, other words, or verses.
Inability to comprehend spoken language.
logolatry, logolatrous:
The worship of words.
A word maniac or someone who has seizures about words. As Charles H. Elster, in his There’s a Word for It! writes: “The logoleptic person can lose verbal control in various ways—by going gaga over a pyrotechnic display of logodaedaly, by participating in a logomachy over some obscure point of grammar or etymology, or by being rendered senseless by a logographer’s logorrhea.” (page 199)
One who studies words.
logology, logological:
1. The study of words.
2. The science of words, especially the field of orthographic (correct spelling) and homophonic word games.
logomachy, logomachia. logomachical; logomachize:
1. An argument about the uses and/or meanings of words.
2. A dispute about words; semantic contention getting away from issues or reality.
3. A word game.
Divination (fortune telling) based on words.