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Divination Words: “oculomancy” to “ouranomancy”,
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Words including: -mancy, -mancer, -mantic, -mantical (Greek: used as a suffix; divination, prophecy; to interpret signs so “practical” decisions can be made [related to -mania])

Divination refers to the methods or practices of attempting to foretell the future or discovering the unknown through omens, oracles, or with supernatural powers; prophesying or predicting the future; methods of "fortune telling".

Divination by interpretating the eyes of certain human subjects. It is said to be similar to hypnotism in a primitive form.
Divination by interpreting aches and pains of the teeth or by other types of interpretations regarding the teeth.
oenomancy, oinomancy:
Divination by observing the colors and other features of wine or the interpretation of the patterns made by wine that was poured out as an offering to the gods.

This divination dates from ancient Greece and Rome, when wine was poured as a libatioin to the gods, in hope that they would ensure a prosperous future. Drinking to someone’s health is a modern survival of such customs.

Divination by interpreting the howling of dogs.
Divination by contemplation of one’s own navel (as in yoga?) or by counting the knots in the umbilical cord of a mother’s first child to predict the number of children she will have.
oniromancy, oneiromancy:
Divination or the interpretation of dreams. More than 36 references to dreams are mentioned in the Bible, the most famous being the interpretations of dreams made by Joseph in Egypt in the book of Genesis, chapters 40 and 41.

This is considered a very big subject, ranging from consulting the time-honored references found in various “dream dictionaries” to the modern symbolism endorsed by psychoanalysts.

Divination by observing fingernails or olive oil on the finger nails of an “unpolluted boy” or a young female virgin.
onomatomancy, onomancy:
Divination by interpreting the names, or the number of vowels (even/odd) in a name, or the total number of letters, or the sum of the numerical values of the letters.
onychomancy, onimancy, onycomancy, onymancy, onyomancy:
Divination of fingernails or the reflection of bright sunlight on a person’s fingernails and noting any symbols (real or imaginary) that might appear there. These symbols are interpreted in accordance with established rules, as with crystal gazing or teacup reading.
A specialized phase of onychomancy wherey a person’s future is gauged by the appearance of the fingernails themselves. This has become an aspect of cheiromancy.
oomancy, ovomancy:
Divination with eggs, some methods date back to antiquity. One modern method consists of dropping whites of eggs in water and noting the shapes or markings thus obtained. The custom of coloring eggs, so popular today, also stems from ancient traditions.
ophthalmomancy, oculomancy:
Divination by interpreting reflections, colors, etc. of the eyes.
The recognition of serpents as agents of divination. The first incident is mentioned in the Garden of Eden and has been known to be utilized in Egypt, Greece, Rome, and among the Aztecs of Mexico.
ornithomancy, ornomancy:
Divination by the observation and interpretation of birds; a Greek term for Roman augury, which interpreted the flight or song of birds.

The Romans had a distinct order of priests who were responsible for determining auspicious or inauspicious undertakings [auspicious means “viewing” or “watching the birds” in flight and making interpretations that show that their behavior and sounds were good omens while inauspicious would be the result of bad omens].

Divination by observing mountain shapes, etc.
Divination with birds in flight; birds are also involved with orniscopy, ornithoscopy, and ornomancy.
Divination from things dug up.
ossomancy, osteomancy:
Divination with bones.
Divination by observing the heavens.