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Patho-, -Pathy “disease, medical” Words: "haematopathology" to "nostopathy",
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Medical words that include: patho-, -path-, -pathia,
-pathic, -pathology, -pathetic, -pathize, -pathy
(Greek: feeling, sensation, perception, suffering, [in medicine, these elements usually mean “one who suffers from a disease of, or one who treats a disease” and they are listed separately here from the “feeling” words]).

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haematopathology, hematopathology:
The study of diseases of the blood.
haematopathy, hematopathy:
Any kind of disease of the blood.
haemopathology, hemopathology:
The study of diseases of the blood.
Injury from exposure to sunlight.
A disease of the blood.
An abnormal condition or disease of the blood.
hepatopath, hepatopathy:
Any disease of the liver.
Any disease of the liver.
Pertaining to diseases of horses.
The study of abnormal or diseased tissue.
homeopathy, homeopath, homeopathology:
A system of medical treatment based on the use of small quantities of remedies that in massive doses produce effects similar to those of the disease being treated.
Hydrotherapy combined with induced sweating, as in a Turkish bath.
One who specializes in the use of water to treat and cure diseases.
hydropathy, hydropathic, hydropathist:
The use of water to treat and cure diseases.
Hydrotherapy combined with induced sweating, as in a Turkish bath.
hylopathy, hylopathism:
The obsolete doctrine that disease is due to changes in the constitution of matter.
1. Sickness or disturbances experienced in high altitudes due to reduced air pressure; high-altitude sickness.
2. Produced by reduced barometric pressure; not always distinguished from hypobarism and altitude sickness.
Any disease of the uterus.
idiopathy, idiopathic:
1. Pertaining to diseases that arise entirely within organs, as opposed to those that are the result of outside influences.
2. A disease of unknown cause or denoting a primary disease that is not preceded by or caused by any other disease; a morbid state of spontaneous origin.
Pathologic lesions in the iris.
The treatment of disease with products of the disease or with material from the organ affected, e.g., smallpox by giving minute doses of various (smallpox) matter; or disease of the liver by giving extract of liver, etc.
A noninflammatory disease of the cornea. Any corneal disease, damage, dysfunction or abnormality.
A non-medical person who treats disease by various kinds of movements.
kinesipathy, kinesipath, kinesipathic:
1. A disease marked by motor disturbances.
2. The treatment of diseases by means of gymnastics or muscular action; kinesitherapy.
The process by which tear proteins are deposited on a contact lens.
Any speech disorder.
A disease of the lymph nodes.
Any disease of the lymphatic vessels or lymph nodes.
A disease of the mammary (breast) gland.
mazopathy, mazopathia:
Any disease of the placenta.
Disease marked by pigmentation of the skin.
Disease caused by climatic conditions.
The study of diseases caused by weather or atmospheric conditions.
metropathy, metropathia, metropathic:
Any disease or disorder of the uterus.
A disease affecting a single part of the body or a single uncomplicated disease.
Treatment of a disease with gymnastics.
Any disease of the spinal cord.
Any disease of the heart muscle; also, cardiomyopathy.
myopathy, myopathia:
Any disease of the muscles.
A practitioner of naprapathy.
1. A healing system based on the theory that disease or illness is caused by strained ligaments and other problems of connective tissue and can be treated by massage.
2. A system of therapeutic manipulation based on the theory that morbid symptoms are dependent upon strained or contracted ligaments in the spine, thorax, or pelvis.
naturopathy, naturopath, naturopathic:
A drugless system of therapy, making use of physical forces such as air, light, water, heat, massage, etc.
nephropathy, nephropathia, nephropathic:
Any disease of the kidneys.
A tendency for tissue death or gangrene.
A new lesion or pathologic process.
Any disease of joint structures associated with disease of the central or peripheral nervous system.
A disorder of a muscle due to a disorder of its nerve supply. Simultaneous disorders of nerves and muscles.
Disorder, often toxic, of the neuron.
Pertaining to an organic or functional disorder of the nervous system. The terms neurotic and psychogenic are preferred by many psychologists instead of neuropathic for functional disorders.
A branch of medicine that is concerned with diseases of the nervous system.
An emotional illness of neurologic and/or functional origin.
Rarely used. A mental illness whereby the subject has a fear of returning to familiar places.


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