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Pedo, Paedo Words: “pedarchy” to “ptilopedic”,
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Words that include: pedo-, paedo-, ped-, paed-, paido-, paid- (Greek: child, boy; infant)

The British tend to use “paed-” while those in the United States tend to use “ped-”. Remember that the Greek ped- means “child” while the Latin ped- means “foot”. Don't confuse this Greek element with another Greek pedo- that means “ground, soil, earth”.

Rule or government by a child or children.
pedeia, paedeia, paideia:
In ancient Greek society: education or upbringing; more genenrally, a society146;s culture; the sum of physical and intellectual achievement to which the human body and mind can aspire.
pederasty, paederasty:
An unnatural sexual connexion with a boy; sodomy.
In psychiatry, sexual passion for childen.
pedeutics, paedeutics, paideutics:
The science or art of education.
pediatric, paediatric:
Of, pertaining to, or dealing with pediatrics or the diseases of children.
pediatrician, paediatrician:
A specialist or expert in pediatrics.
pediatrician, paediatrician, pediatrist, paediatrist:
A specialist or expert in pediatrics.
1. The branch of medical science dealing with the study of childhood and the diseases of children.
2. The medical specialty concerned with the study and treatment of children in health and disease during development from birth through adolescence.
The care and medical treatment of children; pediatrics.
A morbid fear aroused by the sight of a child or of a doll.
The baptism of children; infant baptism.
One who practices, adheres to, or advocates infant baptism.
In medicine, a scale for weighing a baby.
Government by children.
pedodontics, pediadontia:
The branch of dentistry concerned with the dental care and treatment of children.
pedodontist, pediadontist:
A dentist who practices pedodontics.
Dealing with the care of children’s teeth.
pedodontology, pediadontology:
The study of the care of children’s teeth.
Reproduction by larval or immature forms of animals, especially certain insects.
Infantile or childish speech that omits all but the principal words and substitutes easily pronounced sounds for more difficult ones; baby talk.
pedologist, paidologist:
One who studies boys (children).
pedology, paidology:
1. The study of the nature of children.
2. A rarely used term for the branch of biology and of sociology concerned with the child in his physical, mental, and social development.
3. In psychiatry, infantile or childish speech that omits all but the principal words and substitutes easily pronounced sounds for more difficult ones; baby talk.
pedometer, paedometer:
An instrument for measuring the weight and length of a child.
pedonosology, paedonosology:
The study of the diseases of children.
pedomorphism, pedomorphosis:
1. The retention of juvenile characteristics in certain adult mammals.
2. Description of adult behavior in terms appropriate to child behavior.
In Greek antiquity, a magistrate who supervised the education of youths.
A name given to a person from that of his or her child.
pedophobia, pedophobic:
An abnormal fear of children.
Relating to the rearing of children.
One skilled in the rearing of children.
1. The rearing of children.
2. Literally, nurturance of a child; hence, child rearing or “parentcraft”.
When you have a little one,
Or maybe two or three,
All that matters, all that counts,
Is good pedotrophy.

— Elster, Charles Harrington.
There’s a Word for It!
A gifted child.
1. Pertaining to or of the nature of preliminary instruction; supplying the knowledge or discipline introductory or preliminary to some art or science; preliminarily educational.
2. A subject or study which forms an introduction to an art or science, or to more advanced study generally.
3. Propedeutics (plural), the body of principles or rules introductory to any art, science, or subject of special study; preliminary learning.
An introductory volume of the 15th edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica (published in 1974) in which information is presented in the form of short outlines.
In ornithology, a reference to a bird that hatches naked or without down (with no soft fluffy feathers).
In ornithology, a reference to birds hatched with a complete covering of down (with soft fluffy feathers).