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Phagy Words: “Echidnophaga” to “lithophage”
Part 2 of 4

Words that include: phago-, phag-, -phage, -phagi,
-phagic, -phagically, -phagia, -phagism, -phagist, -phagic,
-phagous, -phag
(Greek: eat, eating, consume, ingest)

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Spiny ant eater.
ectoophagous, ectoophage, ectoophagy:
A reference to insect larvae that hatch from eggs deposited on or near a supply of host eggs that they eat.
ectophagous, ectophage, ectophagy:
Eating the outside of a food source as opposed to endophagous.
endoophage, endoophagous, endoophagy:
A reference to insect larvae that hatch from eggs deposited within host eggs and feed upon the contents of those eggs.
endophage, endophagous, endophagy:
Feeding from within the food source.
entomophagous, entomophage, entomophagy:
Eating insects; insectivorous.
erythrophagous, erythrophage, erythrophagy:
Phagocytic destruction of red blood cells.
1. The passage down which food moves between the throat and the stomach.
2. In medicine, the musculomembranous passage extending from the pharynx to the stomach.
A normal and proper manner of eating.
euryphagous, euryphage, euryphagy:
1. Eating a wide variety of foods.
2. A description of organisms that feed on a variety of different things.
3. Utilizing or tolerant of a wide variety of foods or food species.
4. An antonym is stenophagous.
Cannibalism outside the tribe.
fuciphagous, fuciphage, fuciphagy:
Feeding on seaweed.
galactophage, galactophagia, galactophagous, galactophagy:
1. Subsisting on a milk diet or living on milk products only; milkfed.
2. A behavioral anomaly in which animals suck other than their own natural or foster mother.
galliphage, galliphagous, galliphagy:
Feeding on galls (swollen or abnormal growths found in plants typically produced in response to microbial or fungal infection, or to attack by insects, mites, and other invertebrates).
One who feeds on soil or earth; such as, clay.
geophagous, geophage, geophagy:
1. Feeding on soil; deriving nutrients from soil or the sediment.
2. Ingestion of earthy substances like clay; as a result of starvation, lack of something in the diet, or possibly as a result of mental illness.
haematophagous, hematophagous; haematophagia,
hematophagia; haematophagy, hematophagy, hemophagia
1. Blood drinking.
2. The act of subsisting on the blood of another animal.

An example of those who use blood for subsistence are the Masai [Maasai] people who live in East Africa, mainly in Kenya and Tanzania. Characteristically tall and slender, the Masai are a pastoral people who subsist on a mixture of blood and milk. The blood is drawn from a cow’s neck without killing the animal, then mixed with milk and consumed.

haliphagous, haliphage, haliphagy:
Ingestion of an excessive quantity of a salt or salts, especially of sodium chloride, calcium, magnesium, potassium salts, or of sodium bicarbonate.
harpactophagous, harpactophage, harpactophagy:
Feeding by preying on other animals; predatory, used especially with reference to insects. From Greek harpago-, harpag-, meaning “a hook for seizing; a robbery, rape, seizure, plunder”.
heterophagism, heterophagous, heterophagy:
Digestion within a cell of an exogenous substance phagocytosed from the cell’s environment.
hippophagism, hippophagous, hippophagy:
The practice of eating horseflesh; such as, the French and Belgians in Europe.
One who eats the meat of horses.
Eating or subsisting on tissues; such as, certain protozoa, especially those ciliates, ectoparasitic or endoparasitic, in or on nonvital tissues of their hosts.
hyalophagia, hyalophagy:
The eating or chewing of glass.
Belonging to the Hydradephaga or aquatic carnivorous beetles.
hylophagous, hylophage, hylophagy:
Feeding on wood; such as, termites.
The ingestion of a greater than optimal quantity of food; over eating; gluttony.
ichthyophagous, ichthyophage, ichthyophagy:
The eating of fish; piscivorous.
larviphagic, larviphagy:
Feeding on larvae.
lignophage, lignophagic, lignophagy, lignophage:
An abnormal chewing and eating of wood, seen in horses in restrictive quarters.
limophage, limophagic, limophagy, limophage:
Feeding on mud.
lipophage, lipophagic, lipophagia, lipophagy:
1. A cell (lipophage) that ingests or absorbs fat.
2. The absorption of fat; lipolysis.
lithophage, lithophagous, lithophagy:
1. Usually a reference to organisms that erode or bore into rocks.
2. Eating small stones, as with some birds.

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