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Philo Words: “balneophile” to “cypripareuniaphile”,
Part 2 of 10

Words that include: philo-, phil-, -phile, -philia, -philic,
-philous, -phily, -philiac, -philist, -philism
(Greek: love, loving, friendly to, fondness for, attraction to, strong tendency toward, affinity for).

balneophile, balneophilist:
A collector of pictures of bathing girls or a fondness for collecting pictures of girls in swimsuits.
bandophile, bandophilist:
A collector of head scarves, a fondness for collecting head scarves.
bandtourophile, bandtourophilist:
A collector of tunbridge ware.
baptistaphile, baptistaphilist:
A collector of Christian names.
barbephile, barbephilist:
A collector of barbed wire.
barophilic, barophile, barophily:
In biology, thriving under conditions of high hydrostatic or atmospheric pressure; tolerant of weight, said particularly of bacteria growing at great depths in the ocean.
bathophilous, bathophile, bathophily:
In biology, 1. Pertaining to the sea floor between 200 meters and 4 000 meters.
2. A reference to the deep sea.
bathyphilous, bathyphile, bathyphily:
In biology, 1. Thriving or dwelling in lowlands.
2. Thriving in the deep sea or in the depths of the ocean.
bawsymbephile, bawsymbephilist:
A collector of brothel tickets.
beaupoignophile, beaupoignophilist:
A collector of small swords.
bibliophilous, bibliophile, bibliophily, bibliophilist:
1. One who loves books; especially, a collector interested in beautiful or rare bindings, formats, etc.
2. A fondness for collecting books or a collector of books.
biophilous, biophile, biophily:
1. In biology, thriving on other living organisms; usually restricted to plant parasites.
2. In biochemistry, of or designating any chemical element that grows best, or can only exist, in living organisms or in organic matter; such as, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen.
bombcynophile, bombcynophilist:
A collector of silk.
botanophilous, botanophile, botanophily:
Someone who loves plants; an amateur botanist.
A collector of or a fondness for collecting cigar bands.
brewcanophilist, brewcanophilist:
A collector of or a fondness for collecting beer cans. Also known as “breweriana collecting”.
bryophilous, bryophile, bryophily:
In biology, thriving in habitats rich in mosses and liverworts.
buttisephile, buttisephilist:
A collector of bottles, a fondness for collecting bottles.
butyrophil, butyrophilia:
A fondness for butter.
cactophilist, cactophilist:
A collector of cacti.
cagophilist, cagophilist:
A collector of or a fondness for collecting keys.
calcardophile, calcardophilist:
A collector of visiting cards [could this be “business cards”?].
calciphilic, calciphile, calciphily:
In biology, thriving in environments rich in calcium salts; boring into calcareous shells.
callcynophile, callcynophilist:
A collector of dog collars.
callinebephile, callinebephilist:
A collector of nibs or quill pens (a nib refers to the point of a quill pen) or the collecting of fountain-pen points.
A special attraction to small-breasted women.
campanophile, campnophilist:
A collector of bells, a fondness for collecting bells.
canophilist, canophile:
One who has a special fondness for dogs.
capsulaphile, capsulaphilist:
A collector of ships in bottles or a fondness for collecting such objects.
cartophile, cartophilist:
A collector of cigarette cards.
castanophile, castanophilist:
A collector of horse chestnuts.
castrophilia, castrophily:
Transvestitism, characterized behaviorally by dressing in garments of the opposite sex.
A sexual perversion in which the necessary condition is that a catheter or other foreign body (e.g. swizzle stick, garter snake) be inserted in the urethra.
—As explained in Psychiatric Dictionary, 8th ed., by Robert J. Campbell.

cemetophile, cemetophilist:
A collector of statues or the love of collecting statues.
cerecopephile, cerecophilist:
A collector of parian figures (a fine, white marble, or porcelain, found in Paros). Paros is a Greek island in the Cyclades chain.
ceremaskophile, ceremaskophilist:
A collector of stirrup cups.
ceremophile, ceremophilist:
A collector of compliment slips [a piece of paper printed with the name and address of a company, that is sent with a package instead of a letter].
chalicodophilous, chalicodophile, chalicodophily:
In biology, thriving or dwelling on gravel slides.
chalicophilous, chalicophile, chalicophily:
In biology, thriving on gravel slides.
chartophile, chartophilist:
One who collects maps.
chasmophilous, chasmophile, chasmophily:
In biology, thriving or dwelling in rock crevices, chinks, fissures, crannies, and chasms.
checkephile, checkephilist:
A collector of door stops.
cheradophilous, cheradophile, cheradophily:
In biology, thriving or dwelling on wet sandbars.
chersophilous, chersophile, chersophily:
In biology, thriving in dry wasteland habitats.
chimnophilous, chimonophile, chimonophily:
In biology, thriving or preferring the winter season; a reference to plants that exhibit maximum development during the winter.
chionophilous, chionophile, chionophily:
In biology, thriving in snow-covered habitats.
chiropterophilous, chiropterophile, chiropterophily:
In biology, a reference to plants pollinated by bats.
chledophilous, chledophile, chledophily:
In biology, dwelling or thriving in rubbish heaps.
chomophilous, chomophile, chomophily:
In biology, thriving in wastelands and rubbish heaps.
chrematistophilia, chrematistophily:
A sexual perversion in which the necessary condition is that the relationship with the partner be on a monetary basis: the partner must charge the “client” or otherwise force him to pay for sex, or must rob or blackmail him. The term is sometimes broadened to include sellers as well as clients, e.g. “compulsive” hustlers, prostitutes, and sexual blackmailers [so long as such activity is needed for their own sexual arousal and is not just their way of making money].
chromulithophile, chromulithophilist:
A collector of music-title pages.
chronophilia, chronophily:
A sexual perversion in which sexual satisfaction depends on the age of the partner; most frequently, the partner must be of significantly different age than the subject (chronophilic disparity). The term includes ephebophilia (adolescents are the sexual object), gerontophilia (the partner must be older, of parental or grandparental age), nepiophilia (infants), and pedophilia (juveniles).
chrymosymphily, chrymosymphile, chrymosymphilous:
In biology, an amicable relationship between ants and lepidopterous [butterfly and moth] larvae, based on the scent produced by the larvae.
chrysophilist, chrysophile:
A lover of gold; a special desire for gold.
cigrinophilist, cigrinophily:
A collector of cigar bands.
cinephilic, cinephile, cinephily:
A film or movie enthusiast.
circumneutrophilous, circumneutrophile, circumneutrophily:
In biology, thriving in conditions of about neutral pH.
A collector of scissors.
clyvesophile, clyvesophily:
A collector of mugs.
cobbophile, cobbophilist:
A collector of wooden decoy ducks.
In biology, a fondness for beetles.
A pigeon-fancier; of or pertaining to pigeon-fanciers.
conchadophile, conchadophilist:
A collector of shellcrafts (objects made from sea shells).
congophile, congophily:
Having an affinity to Congo red dye, such as the amyloid deposits within the senile plaques of Alzheimer’s disease.
coniophilous, coniophile, coniophily:
In biology, living on substrates enriched by dust; a reference to lichens that thrive or benefit when covered with a coat of dust.
consecraphile, consecraphilist:
A collector of religious objects.
convinozephile, convinozephilist:
A collector of puzzle jugs.
copoclephile, copoclephilist:
A collector of publicity keyrings.
coprophilous, coprophile, coprophily:
1. One who is attracted to filth or feces.
2. In biology, feeding on dung or fecal material; an organism that ingests fecal material from other organisms. Organisms that inhabit dung.
coryphilous, coryphile, coryphily:
In biology, thriving in alpine meadows.
coryphophilous, coryphophile, coryphophily:
In biology, dwelling and thriving in high mountains.
cottapensophile, cottapensophilist:
A collector of coat hangers.
cremnophilous, cremnophile, cremnophily:
In biology, dwelling and thriving on cliffs.
crenophilous, crenophile, crenophily:
In biology, thriving in or near a spring.
cruralaphile, cruralaphilist:
A collector of female pinups or a passion for collecting such items.
crymophilous, crymophile, crymophily:
In biology, dwelling and thriving in polar habitats or regions.
cryophilic, cryophile, cryophily:
In biology, thriving at low temperatures.
A fetish for women’s underclothing.
cumyxaphile, cumyxaphilist:
A collector of matchboxes.
cygelophile, cygelophilist:
A collector of truncheons.
cypripareuniaphile, cypripareuniaphily:
A strong fondness for or love of prostitutes.
Said a hooker who works out of Niles,
Are easy to please—
They’ll pay for a squeeze,
And double for pinches or smiles.”

—Willard R. Espy