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Philo Words: “gastrocartephilist” to “korophilia”,
Part 4 of 10

Words that include: philo-, phil-, -phile, -philia, -philic,
-philous, -phily, -philiac, -philist, -philism
(Greek: love, loving, friendly to, fondness for, attraction to, strong tendency toward, affinity for).

A collector of menu cards.
One who loves his stomach or good eating.
geophilous, geophile, geophily:
In biology, 1. Dwelling and thriving or growing in soil.
2. A reference to plants that have fruit below the surface of the earth or soil or to animals more properly referred to as burrowing.
Germanophile, Germanophily:
One who admires Germany, its people, and its culture.
gerontophilia, gerophilia:
A special attraction to senior citizens. In psychiatry, a sexual perversion in which sexual arousal and orgasm depend upon the partner being older; such a paraphilia is also described in terms of a chronophilic or age disparity.
A collector of barbed wire.
A collector of souvenir China.
A collector of religious tracts.
In psychiatry, a sexual perversion in which sexual arousal and orgasm depend upon the partner being a female impersonator.
In psychiatry, sexual love of a woman by a man (male gynephilia) or by another woman (female gynephilia).
A strong desire for nibbling on women’s earlobes.
gypsophilous, gypsophile:
A plant living in gypsiferous (chalky) soil.
halophilous, halophile, halophily:
In biology, thriving in saline, or salty, habitats. An organism that grows in or can tolerate saline conditions. A microorganism whose growth is enhanced by or dependent on a high concentration of salt.
heliophilous, heliophile, heliophily:
In biology, thriving in sun-light or under conditions of high-light intensity. A condition in which some desert organisms have adapted to both strong sunlight and to drought.
helogadophilous, helogadophile, helogadophily:
In biology, dwelling and thriving in swampy woodlands.
helohylophilous, helohylophile, helohylophily:
In biology, thriving in wet or swampy forests.
helolochmophilous, helolochmophile, helolochmophily:
In biology, thriving in meadow-thicket habitats.
helophilous, helophile, helophily:
In biology, dwelling or thriving in marshes.
hemerophilous, hemerophile, hemerophily:
In biology, dwelling or thriving in habitats influenced by the activities of man or under cultivation.
hemichimonophilous, hemichimonophil, hemichimonophily:
In biology, the condition of plants that give rise to aerial growth while freezing temperatures still prevail.
hemophile, hemophil, hemophilic, hemophily:
In biology, a microorganism (usually bacteria) growing well in blood or in a media containing blood.
Any of several hereditary blood-coagulation disorders in which the blood fails to clot normally because of a deficiency or an abnormality of one of the clotting factors. Hemophilia, a recessive trait associated with the X-chromosome, is manifested almost exclusively in males.
A collector of heart shapes.
hesternophilous, hesternophile, hesternophily:
Fond of bygone days.
hippophilous, hippophile:
A fondness or love of horses.
A strong attraction for hairy men.
Hispanophile, Hispanophilia, Hispanophily:
An admirer of Spain or of Spanish-speaking countries or peoples.
In biology, inhabiting living-host tissue; parasitic.
A collector of garden gnomes.
1. Actually, this combination of Greek elements means, “A fondness for doing the same thing over and over, or for repetition”.
2. Gay or homosexual.
3. Being actively concerned about the rights and the welfare of gay or homosexual people.
4. Another term for a homosexual.
A collector of figurines.
hostelaphilist, hostelaphile, hostelaphily:
A collector of or the collecting of outdoor iss signs.
In psychiatry, a sexual perversion in which sexual arousal is dependent upon the partner being a criminal or known to have committed some heinous act against another. On rare occasions, its expression takes the form of inducing the sexual partner to commit a crime that is almost certain to lead to imprisonment.
hydrophilous, hydrophile, hydrophily:
1. Thriving in wet or aquatic habitats.
2. Pollinated by waterborne pollen.
3. Having an affinity for water; readily absorbing or dissolving in water.
hydrotribophilous, hydrotribophile, hydrotribophily:
Thriving in “badlands” (rugged, barren region).
hygrophilous, hygrophile, hygrophily:
Thriving in moist habitats.
hylodophilous, hylodophile, hylodophily:
Thriving in dry open woodland.
hylophilous, hylophile, hylophily:
In biology, thriving in or living in forests.
In psychiatry, an inexact, pseudoscientific term referring to a state of being “oversexed”, a judgment frequently based on a comparison with the rater’s own level of sexual responsiveness.
Thriving best in temperatures of 80 degrees Celsius or higher.
In psychiatry, a sexual perversion in which sexual arousal and orgasm depend upon touching or rubbing the partner’s skin or hair, or upon the sensations related to feeling fur, leather, fabric, or other substances in association with sexual activity with the partner. Examples include a requirement that the partner be clothed in furs, and wear a leather belt during sexual activities.
In psychiatry, an inexact, pseudoscientific term referring to a state of having reduced or inadequate sexual responsiveness.
In psychiatry, the same as asphyxiophilia; a sexual perversion in which hypoxia [an abnormal condition resulting from a decrease in the oxygen supplied to body tissue] and the altered state of consciousness it produces is an essential part of sexual arousal. Hypoxia may be induced by drugs or by strangling or hanging; some classify such autoerotic asphyxiation as a form of sexual masochism.
iatrophilia, iatrophile, iatrophily:
In biology, thriving in or living in forests.
ichthyophile, ichthyophilist:
One who has a special fondness or love of fish (or fishes).
ichthysophilist, ichthysophile:
A collector of fishing tackles.
iconophile, iconophilist:
A connoisseur of pictures, engravings, book illustrations, and the like; hence, the taste for these objects.
A defender or champion of the underdog. (Coined by Christopher Morley, 1930).
infulaphilist, infulaphile:
A collector of cigar bands.
In psychiatry, a term for affection of or liking others of the same sex, such affection lacks the genital element characteristic of homosexuality.
Italophile, Italophilia:
An admirer of Italy or of its people, language, or culture.
jigsimophilist, jigsimophile:
A collector of jigsaw puzzles.
kaikophilist, kaikophile:
A collector of Maori crafts.
kakemonophilist, kakemonophile:
A collector of Japanese roll-pictures.
karossophilist, karossophile:
A collector of leather garments.
kinophilist, kinophile:
A collector of narrow-gauge cinemas.
klaxonophilist, klaxonophile:
A collector of motor horns.
In psychiatry, a sexually perverted kleptomania, in which sexual arousal is dependent upon illegal entry into and theft from the residence of a stranger or potential sexual partner. Like other sexually perverted activities, kleptophilia is largely a disorder of males, whereas kleptomania is usually a disorder of females.
In psychiatry, a sexual perversion involving the use of enemas for sexual arousal. It is sometimes referred to as “water sports”.
In psychiatry, a strong attraction for young men or boys; from Greek, koros (kouros), boy, lad; and kourios, youthful.