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Philo Words: “labalophilist” to “myiophilous”,
Part 5 of 10

Words that include: philo-, phil-, -phile, -philia, -philic,
-philous, -phily, -philiac, -philist, -philism
(Greek: love, loving, friendly to, fondness for, attraction to, strong tendency toward, affinity for).

labalophilist, labalophile:
A collector of bottle labels.
labeorphilist, labeorphily:
One who collects or the collecting of beer bottle labels.
A collector of cheese labels.
A collector of cowboy gear.
lattenophilist, lattenophile:
A collector of brassware.
A strong desire to gawk at or ogle people wearing bathing suits; also, ablutoskepsis.
A collector of butterflies. Also known as “lepidopterology”.
One who collects dictionaries and word books.
lichenophilous, lichenophile, lichenophily:
In biology, thriving on, or having an affinity for, lichens or lichen-rich habitats.
lignophilic, lignophile, lignophily:
In biology, thriving in or on wood.
limnodophilous, limnophile, limnophily:
In biology, thriving in salt marshes.
limnophilous, limnophile, limnophily:
In biology, thriving in lakes or ponds.
lithophilous, lithophile, lighophily:
In biology, thriving in stony or rocky habitats.
lochmodophilous, lochomodophile, lochmodophily:
In biology, thriving in dry thickets.
lochmophilous, lochmophile, lochmophily:
In biology, thriving in thickets.
One who loves words or who has a special fondness for words.
A fondness for words; the love of words.
lophophilous, lophophile, lophophilia:
In biology, dwelling and thriving in hills.
luciphilous, luciphile, luciphily:
In biology, thriving in open, well-lit habitats.
lygophilous, lygophile, lygophily:
1. In biology, thriving in dark or shaded habitats.
2. In psychiatry, a longing for dark or gloomy places.
One who collects almanacs.
A collector of marbles.
Pertaining to mammary mania or an excessive interest in breasts.
melangeophilous, melangeophile. melangeophily:
In biology, dwelling and thriving in or on black loam.
A strong fondness for women’s black undergarments.
melittophilous, melittophile, melittophily:
In biology, 1. Thriving in association with bees; a reference to an organism that spends part of its life cycle in association with bees.
2. Pollinated by bees.
mellitophilous, mellitophile, mellitophily:
In biology, attractive to bumble bees.
membullaphilist, membullaphile:
A collector of bowling-club badges.
A collector of bookmarks.
mesophilous, mesophilic, mesophile, mesophily:
In biology, 1. Thriving under intermediate or moderate environmental conditions; sometimes restricted to conditions of moderate moisture, or to moderate temperature.
2. Used of micro-organisms having an optimum for growth between 20 and 45 degrees Centigrade.
3. Organisms, such as bacteria, that thrive at human-body temperature and of organisms preferring moderate moisture.
mesothermophilous, mesothermophile, mesothermophily:
In biology, thriving in temperate regions.
A collector of metalwork.
An organism capable of oxidizing methane.
microaerophilic, microaerophile, microaerophily:
In biology, 1. Thriving in a free oxygen concentration significantly less than that of the atmosphere.
2. A reference to an environment in which the partial pressure of oxygen is significantly below normal atmospheric levels but which is not fully anaerobic.
microphilic, microphile, microphily:
In biology, thriving only within a narrow temperature range. An aerobic bacterium that requires oxygen, but less than is present in the air, and grows best under modified atmospheric conditions.
microthermophilous, microthermophile, microthermophily:
In biology, thriving in boreal regions or in cool or cold temperate regions of the northern hemisphere.
microzoophilous, microzoophily:
In biology, pollinated by small animals.
A collector of motor cars.
monophilous, monophily:
In biology, dwelling and thriving in pastures.
morphophilia, microzoophily:
In psychiatry, a type of sexual perversion in which sexual arousal and orgasm depend upon some discrepancy between the partner’s bodily characteristics and the subject’s; that is, the partner must be markedly thinner or taller than the subject.
A collector of glass vases.
One who professes a love of music.
In biology, a reference to plants that are fertilized via dipterous flies.