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Philo Words: “quamtophilist” to “syrtidophilous”,
Part 9 of 10

Words that include: philo-, phil-, -phile, -philia, -philic,
-philous, -phily, -philiac, -philist, -philism
(Greek: love, loving, friendly to, fondness for, attraction to, strong tendency toward, affinity for).

quamtophilist, qumtophile:
A collector of novelties.
queselcardophilist, queselcardophile:
A collector of radio-ham cards.
quamtophilist, qumtophile:
A collector of novelties.
queselcardophilist, queselcardophile:
A collector of radio-ham cards.
A collector of razor-blade packets.
A collector of oddly shaped twigs.
rheophilous, rheophile, rheophily:
In biology, thriving in or having an affinity for running water; said of an organism that prefers, or is confined to, running water.
rhizophilous, rhizophile, rhizophily:
In biology, growing on roots.
rhoophilous, rhoophile, rhoophily:
In biology, thriving in creeks.
In biology, thriving in or having an affinity for torrents (streams).
A collector of remote control gear.
A collector of baby rattles.
rugophilic, rugophile, rugophily:
In biology, thriving on rough surfaces or in surface depressions.
Russophile, Russophilia:
An admirer of Russia or its people, language, or culture.
A collector of wrapped lumps of sugar.
A collector of military uniforms.
sapromyiophilous, sapromyiophile, sapromyiophily:
In biology, pollinated by dung flies.
saprophilous, saprophile, saprophily:
In biology, 1. Thriving in humus-rich substrata.
2. Feeding on decaying organic matter.
sathrophilous, sathrophile, sathrophily:
In biology, thriving on humus or decaying organic matter.
A collector of pencil drawings.
sciophilous, sciophile, sciophily:
In biology, thriving in shaded situations, or in habitats of low light intensity.
scopophilia, scoptophilia:
In psychiatry, sexual stimulation or satisfaction derived principally from looking at others in sexual activities; voyeurism. Autoscopophilia refers to the pleasure of looking at one’s own body. Active scopophilia is the pleasure derived from looking at the sexual organs of another. Passive scopophilia is the desire to be looked at by others and is therefore seen to be equivalent to active exhibitionism.

In Freudian literature, the German Schaulust has been translated as scoptophilia, but scopophilia is considered to be the appropriate form.

scotophilous, skotophilous:
In biology, dwelling in darkness; also geophilous.
A collector of bonds and stock shares.
A collector of seaside souvenir pottery.
serpentinophilous, serpentinophile, serpentinophily:
In biology, thriving in habitats rich in the mineral serpentine.
In biology, a preference for iron.
A collector of Chinaware.
A lover of China or things Chinese; such as, its people, or its culture.
A collector of decorated tiles.
Slavophile, Slavophil, Slavophilism:
1. An admirer of Slavic peoples or their culture.
2. A person advocating the supremacy of Slavic culture, especially over western European influences, as in 19th-century Russia.
In psychiatry, also known as “sleeping princess syndrome”; a sexual abnormality in which sexual arousal and orgasm are dependent upon awakening a sleeping stranger with caresses or by means of oral sex.
A collector of beds.
In psychiatry, a neuropsychiatric syndrome consisting of moderate anxiety, irritability, hypermotility, insomnia, dysfunction in various organ systems (gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, genital, skin). All of the symptoms may be precipitated or aggravated by hyperventilation.
A collector of spears.
spermophilous, spermophile, spermophily:
In biology, feeding on seeds.
In biology, dwelling on or among sphagnum (a kind of moss).
sphingophilous, sphingophile, sphingophily:
In biology, pollinated by hawk moths or nocturnal Lepidoptera [butterflies and moths].
In biology, living in clay soils.
A collector of signet rings.
stasophilous, stasophile, stasophily:
In biology, thriving in stagnant water.
stenothermophilic, stenothermophile, stenothermophily:
In biology, tolerant of only a narrow range of high temperatures.
sterrhophilous, sterrhophile, sterrhophily:
In biology, thriving on moorlands.
In psychiatry, a sexual perversion in which sexual arousal and orgasm depend upon the partner being scarred, marked, tattooed, or pierced (especially in the genital or nipple region so bars, rings, etc. can be worn); the term also includes the person who must also be marked in the same manner.
A collector of owl forms or figures.
substratohygrophilous, substratohygrophile, substratohygrophily:
In biology, thriving on moist substrata.
subxerophilous, subxerophile, subxerophily:
In biology, preferring and thriving in moderately dry situations.
surophilous (saurochorous):
In biology, dispersed or distributed by lizards or snakes.
A collector of pairs of anything and everything.
symphily, symphilic, symphilism:
In biology, an amicable relationship between one organism [the symphile] and its host colony of social insects. An insect that lives with ants or other social insects as a guest in a relationship of symphilism. A term for a kind of friendly symbiosis or commensalism existing between ants or termites and certain other insects; such as, certain beetles that they feed and tend as guests and which, in some cases, yield a sweet substance as food for the hosts.
syrtidophilous, syrtidophile, syrtidophily:
In biology, living on dry sandbars.