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Philo Words: “tandentrophilist” to “zoophilous”,
Part 10 of 10

Words that include: philo-, phil-, -phile, -philia, -philic,
-philous, -phily, -philiac, -philist, -philism
(Greek: love, loving, friendly to, fondness for, attraction to, strong tendency toward, affinity for).

A collector of dentures.
A collector of silver mugs.
In psychiatry, a morbid attraction to graves and cemeteries.
taphrophilous, taphrophile, taphrophily:
In biology, thriving in ditches.
telmatophilous, telmatophile, telmatophily (Greek: stagnant or standing water, pond, marsh plus philous, et al.):
In biology, thriving in wet meadows or marshes.
British, a collector of biscuit tins; where “biscuit” means the American “cracker” or “cookie”.
termitophilous, termitophilic, termitophile, termitophily:
In biology, having an affinity for termites; inhabiting termite nests; such as, certain beetles.
thalassophilic, thalassophile, thalassophily:
In biology, a preference for the sea or dwelling in the sea.
thamnophilic, thamnophile, thamnophily:
In biology, thriving on, or living in, bushes or shrubs.
theophilanthropist; theophilanthropic:
A person who is said to love both God and human beings. A theophilanthropist was a member of a deistical society established in Paris during the French revolution.
theophile, theophilist:
Dear to the gods or one beloved of God; also, one who loves God.
thermophilic, thermophile, thermophily:
In biology, thriving in warm environmental conditions; a reference to micro-organisms having an optimum for growth above 45 degrees Centigrade; usually a reference to certain bacteria.
A collector of thermometers.
thinophilic, thinophile, thinophily:
In biology, dwelling and thriving on sand dunes.
thiophilic, thiophil, thiophily:
In biology, a fondness for sulfur; said of micro-organisms.
An abnormal attraction to female nurses.
A genetic propensity for the blood to clot too easily.

With the growing concern over whether cramped airline seating on long-haul flights causes deadly blood clots in the legs, medical experts are often pointing to passengers sitting still for too long as the real culprit.

Reports of passengers dying from clots soon after, or even during a long flight have mounted recently.

Some say the problem has been incorrectly called “economy-class syndrome” because some believe it is caused by cramped seating in coach class. Fatal clots have also struck passengers in business and first classes, and people who sit for long period in buses, cars, theater seats and at desks, according to experts.

Apparently, no one knows for certain how closely linked deep-vein thrombosis is to long flight or even how long people have to stay still to get it.

A collector of postage stamps.
A collector of whistles.
tiphophilic, tiphophile, tiphophily:
In biology, thriving in ponds.
A collector of bows and arrows.
A collector of steam rollers.
In psychiatry, a fondness of being injured or the unconscious desire to be injured.
A strong desire to obtain sexual pleasure from massages.
troglophilic, troglophile, troglophily:
In biology, thriving in caves and subterranean passages.
In biology, dwelling in a climate that alternates between sunny drought and torrential rain.
A collector of Camembert labels.
umbrophilic, umbrophile, umbrophily:
In biology, thriving in shaded habitats.
In psychiatry, also known as “urolagnia”; a sexual perversion in which urine or the act of urination is an essential part of sexual phantasies or sexual behavior; such as, urinating on someone or of being urinated on by another person.
urophilic, urophile, urophily:
In biology, thriving in habitats rich in ammonia.
A collector of vans.
A collector of beadwork.
A collector of vases.
A collector of Victorian furniture.
One with an avid interest in watching television or videos or in making video recordings.
A collector of wine.
A collector of woven items.
xenphilous, xenophile, xenophilia, xenophily:
A person attracted to that which is foreign, especially to foreign peoples, manners, or cultures.
xerohylophilous, xerohylophile, xerohylophily:
In biology, dwelling and thriving in dry forests.
xerophilous, xerophile, xerophily:
In biology, thriving in dry habitats or in very low water conditions.
xeropoophilous, xeropoophile, xeropoophily:
In biology, dwelling and thriving in heathlands. A “heath” is an area of land that is not farmed, where grass and other small plants grow, but where there are few trees or bushes.
xylophilous, xylophile, xylophily:
In biology, thriving on or in wood with the sense of a parasite fungus or wood-boring organism.
A collector of limp-leather books.
zoidiophilous, zoidiophile, zoidiophily:
In biology, pollinated by animals.
zoophilous, zoophile, zoophily:
1. A lover of animals; especially one who is more fond of animals than of people.
2. One who is opposed to any animal experimentation; an opponent of cruelty to animals; specifically, an antivivisectionist.
3. In biology, pollinated by animals; applied to plants whose seeds are disseminated by the agency of animals.
4. Having an affinity for animals.