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Phobia Words: “bacillophobia” to “brontephobia”,
Part 4 of 13

Words that include: phobo-, phob-, -phobia, -phobias,
-phobe, -phobiac, -phobist, -phobic, -phobism, -phobous
(Greek: fear, extreme fear of; morbid, excessive, irrational fear, or terror of something or someone; however, sometimes this Greek element means a strong dislike or hatred for something or someone)

A fear of germs or bacilli.
bacteriaphobia, bacteriophobia:
An abnormal fear of being in contact with germs or bacteria and such phobics usually have compulsions about hand washing and cleanliness.
ballistophobia, ballistrophobia:
An exaggerated fear of missiles or of being shot.
A fear of gravity or heaviness which is related to the fear of perceivable changes in air pressure.
basiphobia, basophobia:
In plants, an inability to adapt to alkaline soils; in humans, the inability to stand or walk for fear of falling.
basistasiphobia, basostasophobia:
An exaggerated fear of standing or walking that is related to the fear of falling, collapsing, and dieing.
bathmophobia, bathomophobia:
An overly intensive fear or hatred of walking.
An excessive fear of depths or of descending into depths, such as when looking down into a well. Also, said by some to be a reference to an intense dislike of bathing.
A morbid fear of subways or any kind of similar situation that exists underground (including the North Sea Chunnel?).
An abnormal fear of passing or walking close to high objects, such as high buildings or tall trees; dread of heights. A compound of Greek batos, “passable,” a verbal adjective of bainein, “to go”. The association of Greek batos with “height” is apparently a result of a connection of this word with the second element in acrobat because acrobats are associated with the idea that they perform their arts high over ground levels. A much better name for this condition is hyposophobia.
A dread or aversion to frogs (and of toads and newts) and possibly to what is often perceived as “slimy things”.
belonephobia, belonophobia:
An exaggerated fear of pins and needles or of anything sharp.
An excessive fear of books either because of the embarrassment of one’s illiteracy or because they think books are too influential upon others.
An excessive fear of slime.
An abnormal fear of pins and needles.
A fear of demons, goblins, or spirits.
A fear that people will hear the rumbling, gurgling, etc. in the stomach or intestines that are produced by gas in the alimentary canal and that is audible at a distance. Some people are so afraid that others will hear these sounds that they become social phobics and avoid social situations where others may hear them.
An abnormal or excessive fear of plants in general or of specific plants (such as poison ivy and poison oak?).
An excessive fear of cellars or basements.
A fear that one’s heart is beating too slowly and that they may be close to death.
bromidrosiphobia, bromidrosophobia:
An abnormal fear of one’s own personal body odors or those from others; sometimes with the belief that such an odor is present even when it is not.
brontephobia, brontophobia; tonitrophobia:
An exaggerated fear of thunder and thunderstorms.