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Phobia Words: “phonophobia” to “pyrophobia”,
Part 11 of 13

Words that include: phobo-, phob-, -phobia, -phobias,
-phobe, -phobiac, -phobist, -phobic, -phobism, -phobous
(Greek: fear, extreme fear of; morbid, excessive, irrational fear, or terror of something or someone; however, sometimes this Greek element means a strong dislike or hatred for something or someone)

An excessive or abnormal fear of noise, sounds, or of speaking out loud. Also a fear of the telephone.
photalgiophobia, photalgiaphobia, photalgiophobia:
A fear of photalgia (pain in the eyes caused by light).
photaugiaphobia, photaugiophobia:
An abnormal, pathological fear of light, especially glaring lights, directed upon one’s eyes which may cause photalgia (pain caused by light shining in the eyes).
photophobia, photophobic:
1. An excessive fear of and avoidance of light; painful sensitivity to light, especially visually.
2. In botany, the tendency to thrive in reduced light, as with certain plants. Intolerant of, or avoiding, conditions of full light.
photophobotaxis, photophobotactic:
In biology, a response of an organism to a temporal change in light intensity; positive when stimulated by a decrease in light intensity and negative when stimulated by an increase.
An excessive fear of thinking.
phthiriophobia; pediculophobia:
An intense fear of lice or of being infestated with lice.
phthisiophobia, phthisophobia:
An uncontrollable apprehension about getting or of being around those who have tuberculosis.
An excessive fear of leaves.
An excessive fear of tombstones.
1. An excessive fear of rain.
2. In biology, intolerant of conditions where there is abundant rainfall.
An intense fear of incorporeal (disembodied) beings (ghosts, spirits); drafts.
pnigeraphobia, pnigerophobia, pnigophobia:
An excessive fear of smothering or choking, especially during sleep.
An abnormal fear of gaining weight.
A fear or hatred of beards or of men wearing beards.
An excessive fear of punishment.
In biology, intolerant of urban habitats.
An excessive fear of politicians.
An excessive fear of many things.
A fear of fatigue, especially through overworking; a hatred for exerting one’s self; dread of pain.
Having a horror of pornography.
An excessive fear of the color purple.
potamophobia, potomophobia:
A morbid fear of rivers, of running water, or of sheets of water. Such phobias may be aroused by the sight, and sometimes thought, of a river or any flow of water.
An excessive fear of drinking.
An abnormal fear of losing one's virginity.
proctophobia; rectophobia:
An intense fear of pain experienced by those who suffer with a rectum disease or mental apprehension about such a disease.
A fear of or aversion to progress.
An intense dislike of or aversion to protein foods.
An excessive fear of stuttering.
An excessive fear of what is assumed to be hydrophobia, but which may only seem to be hydrophobia; any animal disease that has symptoms similar to rabies.
A pathologic fear of the mind or psyche and, in particular, of the contents of one’s own mind.
An abnormal dread of coldness or cold weather; an extreme sensitiveness to cold.
An excessive fear of feathers or of anything having a featherlike appearance. This phobia may be related to a fear of birds, chickens, and other feathered things.
pyrexeophobia, pyrexiophobia:
An excessive fear of having a fever probably because of its relation to some illness.
1. An intense fear of fire, watching fires, or that one will start fires.
2. In biology, intolerant of the soil conditions produced by fire; a reference to a plant that is unable to re-establish itself following a fire.