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Phobia Words: “radiophobia” to “syphiliphobia”,
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Words that include: phobo-, phob-, -phobia, -phobias,
-phobe, -phobiac, -phobist, -phobic, -phobism, -phobous
(Greek: fear, extreme fear of; morbid, excessive, irrational fear, or terror of something or someone; however, sometimes this Greek element means a strong dislike or hatred for something or someone)

An excessive fear of x-rays.
rectophobia; proctophobia:
An excessive fear of pain experienced by those who suffer with rectum disease or mental apprehension about such a disease.
rhabdophobia, rhobdophobia:
An irrational dread of being beaten or a general fear of sticks or clubs (rods or switches) as an instrument of punishment. Anxiety about being criticized or punished. Some sources say it also refers to a fear of magic.
In biology, intolerant of running water.
rhypophobia, rypophobia, rupophobia, :
An extreme fear of filth, defecation, or of being soiled.
An excessive fear of getting wrinkles.
An excessive fear of taking risks; such as, an over reaction to health scares or of investing in an overly volatile stock market.
An excessive fear of Russians or Russian motives, culture, language, etc.
A woman’s abhorrence to or strong dislike of love-play; such as, caressing various parts of her body.
A fear of Halloween or the fear of the festival of the dead.
An excessive fear of Satan, of Satanic control, or of devils and demons in general.
An excessive fear of scabies (itch) or the “seven-year itch”.
An intense fear or extreme hatred of obscene or filthy language; fear of being around excrement.
An excessive fear of bad men or the fear of being attacked and harmed by wicked people; such as, burglars and robbers.
A fear of going to school or, more likely, of going away from the security of the home and parents.
sciaphobia, sciophobia:
An abnormal fear of shadows.
An irrational dread of worms.
scopophobia, scoptophobia:
An abnormal fear of being stared at.
An abnormal fear of having blind areas in the visual field.
An exaggerated fear of darkness.
An irrational dread of writing, of writing in public. When scriptophobics expect to be seen writing, they experience physiological symptoms of heart palpitations, shortness of breath, trembling hands, sweating, or dizziness.
A fear or strong dislike of flashing lights.
An abnormal fear of the moon. Fear of the moon is often related to apprehensions about night or situations that might occur at a full moon.
An excessive fear of decaying matter.
A hatred or a fear of big words.
An abnormal fear of the opposite sex.
An irrational dread of railroads or of traveling on trains.
An excessive fear of stars or some evil that might come from the stars.
An irrational dread of things on the left side or of left-handedness.
An excessive fear of China or of things related to the Chinese.
sitiophobia, sitophobia:
1. An abnormal fear of food or of eating; or an intense hatred of food or of eating.
2. This condition may also be caused by abdominal pain or distress as a result, for example, of impaired arterial blood supply to the intestine. A patient so afflicted may be very hungry, yet he/she will refuse to eat in order to avoid the terrible pain. Naturally, this can result in serious nutritional deficiency.
An excessive fear of shadows.
A fear or strong dislike of one’s parents-in-law.
An abnormal fear or hatred of any social friendships or situations or of people in general.
An excessive fear of worms.
An intense fear or hatred of knowledge or of learning.
An irrational dread of specters, or of phantoms, or of looking in a mirror at one's own image or seeing the images of others.
An intensive fear of losing semen or a morbid fear of germs.
An excessive fear of germs.
An uncontrollable angst regarding wasps.
stasiphobia, stasophobia, stasibasiphobia, stasobasiphobia:
An abnormal conviction that one cannot stand or walk; an intense fear of attempting to stand or to walk.
An irrational dread of a crucifix or of crucifixes.
A fear of narrow spaces.
An abnormal fear of mice.
stygiophobia, stigiophobia:
An irrational dread of going to hell (Greek: stygio-; Latin: stygius) This phobia is based on crossing the river Styx that surrounds Hades, the underworld of Greek mythology across which the souls of the dead were ferried by Charon. For a fee [a coin] placed in the mouth of the dead at the time of burial, he would ferry the souls over the rivers Acheron and Styx to the infernal regions.

Those not honored with a proper funeral; however, were condemned to wander on the shore for a hundred years before they were permitted to enter the boat.

A fear of any intimate association with another life form or a dependency on another person.
A fear of symbols in general or of specific symbols.
A fear or dislike of symmetry. An example of symmetrophobia is when an individual has the compulsion to rearrange furniture so that end tables are not exactly the same distances from a couch, or so identical lamps are not positioned at equal distances from a chair or couch. There may also be a compulsion to rearrange pictures on a wall in a random manner rather than in a row or equal intervals from each other.
syngenescophobia, sygenesophobia:
An intense dislike or fear of relatives by some people. Dependency and intrusiveness are often major issues in family anxieties.
syphiliphobia, syphilophobia:
A dread of being infected with syphilis because of embarrassments in others knowing about it or the fear of having serious complications that may occur when untreated.