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Phobia Words: “tabophobia” to “zoophobia”,
Part 13 of 13

Words that include: phobo-, phob-, -phobia, -phobias,
-phobe, -phobiac, -phobist, -phobic, -phobism, -phobous
(Greek: fear, extreme fear of; morbid, excessive, irrational fear, or terror of something or someone; however, sometimes this Greek element means a strong dislike or hatred for something or someone)

A fear of any wasting sickness.
tachophobia, tacophobia:
An irrational dread of speed that may be related to the phobia of motion in general.
taeniophobia, teniophobia:
A morbid fear of tapeworms because they can cause serious ailments and discomfort.
taphephobia, taphiphobia, taphophobia:
An intense fear of being buried alive or an extreme fear of cemeteries and graves. Individuals fear being buried alive because they panic at the thought of their inability to escape from such a situation. That’s why in some places, a chain and outside-bell are provided so if the person in the casket or mausoleum “regains consciousness”, he/she can pull the chain and be rescued.

An “irrational” fear? There has been evidence that when caskets have been unearthed to make room for additional bodies, some people had clawed at the inner part of the casket, pulled out their hair, or showed other signs of trying to escape from their “buried-alive situations”.

An excessive fear of small things.
An excessive fear of bulls.
An extreme aversion to technology; for examples, computers, high-tech telephone answering systems, and even videocassette recorders. How about those blinking clocks on the video recorders?
teleophobia, telophobia:
A fear of religious ceremonies or an intense dislike and rejection of teleology. It my include the concept that mental processes have purposes and are directed toward the fulfillment of specific goals.
A fear of using the telephone.
An intense fear of monsters or of giving birth to a monster or a deformed child.
An irrational dread of the number thirteen.
An aversion to taking tests.
An excessive fear of German influence, Germans, and German culture.
An irrational dread of specific kinds of fabrics.
thaasophobia, thassophobia:
An excessive dislike of sitting or of being idle, intense hatred of boredom.
An excessive fear of seas or oceans or other large bodies of water.
Someone who has an excessive fear of seas or oceans or other large bodies of water.
An unwarranted apprehension of imminent death or a morbid dread of death or of dying.
An irrational dread of theaters.
An abnormal fear of theology because some of its concepts are often made in obscure terms and so are not understood by many who are exposed to them.
An excessive fear of God, the wrath of God, or of God's punishment for sin.
thermophobia :
An excessive fear of, or aversion to, heat or high temperatures.
An irrational dread of touching or of being touched.
tocophobia, tokophobia:
An excessive fear of childbirth.
A fear of surgical operations.
tonitrophobia, tonitruphobia; brontophobia:
An excessive fear of thunder and associated lightning.
A fear of certain places or of performing (stage fright); also considered to be a form of agoraphobia.
toxicophobia, toxiphobia, toxophobia:
A fear of poisoning, of poisons, or of being poisoned.
An intense disabling fear of war or physical injury, wounds, etc.
tredecaphobia, triakaidekaphobia, tridecaphobia,
triskadekaphobia, triskaidekaphobia
An irrational fear of the number thirteen. This is such a common fear that many buildings have omitted labeling the thirteenth floors such. Note how many buildings go from 12 to 14 or have a “mezzanine” between those floors.
An irrational dread of trembling.
An abnormal or excessive fear of trichinosis (a disease caused by intestinal worms).
1. An abnormal fear of getting hair disease.
2. A fear of trichinosis (a disease caused by worms which come from raw or insufficiently cooked meat, especially pork); fear of a certain hair color, hair growth, hair disease, etc.
A fear of trichinosis or of certain kinds of hair growth, hair color, hair disease, hair loss, etc. A morbid disgust caused by the sight of loose hairs on clothing or elsewhere.
An abnormal fear of being in caves.
A fear or strong aversion to making changes or of moving.
A fear of parasites (borers) or of inoculations or injections.
An abnormal fear of being infected with tuberculosis.
A dread of “Gyppy tummy, Delhi belly, or Montezuma’s revenge”; also known as a very uncomfortable condition resulting from something a person has eaten or drunk.
A fear or hatred of tyrants.
uranophobia, ouranophobia:
A fear of heaven or of the sky; perhaps because of their fear of “judgement day”.
A fear of urinating in places other than at home or an intense fear of not being able to urinate.
An intense fear of vaccines and vaccinations.
A fear of venereal disease.
A fear of beautiful women.
verbaphobia, verbophobia:
An excessive fear or hatred of words.
vermiphobia, verminophobia:
An abnormal fear of being infected with worms.
An abnormal fear of bats.
vestiophobia, vestiphobia:
An excessive fear of clothing either one’s own or that of another and may include such features as textured items, silk, or velvet garments.
An excessive fear of being raped.
An irrational dread of one’s stepfather.
A fear of returning home.
An irrational fear of witches.
A dread of foreign doctors not so much because of their inadequate medical skills but more from their inadequate acquaintance with the English language.
An irrational fear of foreign hotels that may include a fear that there won’t be soap, proper toilet paper, clean towels, etc.
An irrational fear or hatred of foreigners and of strange or foreign things.
A fear of foreign pickpocket specialists which should not be considered an abnormal anxiety.
In biology, an abnormal fear of dryness or of dryplaces, such as deserts; an aversion to dry places or an inability to survive in dry places.
An irrational dread of wooden objects or forests.
An abnormal fear of razors.
An irrational dread of jealousy.
zenophobia [a misspelling of xenophobia]:
An excessive fear of strangers or foreigners.
A morbid fear of animals in general or of a specific animal.