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Poly- Words: “polyacanthous” to “polylogy”,
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Words that include: poly- (Greek: many, much; too many, too much, excessive; a prefix used with many words)

Don’t confuse this poly- with another -poly that means “to sell”.

Having many thorns.
Multiplying or magnifying sound.
The art of magnifying sounds.
Inflammation (adenitis) of several or many glands.
Intoxication or poisoning by a mixture of different alcohols.
polyalgesia, polyalgesic:
A disorder in which a single painful stimulus produces the sensation of multiple painful stimuli.
1. The civil condition of having more husbands than one for the same woman; a social order permitting plurality of husbands.
2. An animal-mating system seen in polygamous species, in which the female mates with more than one male.
3. The dominance of a female over many males.
Inflammation involving multiple of blood or lymph vessels.
polyarthric, polyarticular:
Pertaining to or affecting many joints.
An inflammation of several joints at the same time.
A condition resulting from a dietary deficiency of more than one vitamin.
The secretion of excessive quantities of mucus.
polycentric, polycentricity:
Having many centers.
polycheiria, polychiria:
Having more than two hands.
The use of several chemotherapeutic agents in a treatment schedule.
Inflammation involving many cartilages of the body.
polychromatic, polychromic:
1. Exhibiting many colors.
2. Decorated with many or varied colors.
polycracy, polycratism:
A government by many rulers.
polydactyly, polydactyl, polydactylia, polydactylism:
A developmental anomaly characterized by the presence of supernumerary digits (fingers or toes) on the hands and/or feet; having more than the normal number of fingers or toes.
polydaemonism, polydemonism:
1. A belief that there are many demons.
2. The worship of a multitude of demons or of demoniacal powers.
Inhabiting or occurring in two or more regions.
Belief in many devils.
One who believes in many devils.
Chronic excessive thirst and intake of fluid; it may have an organic cause, such as the dehydration of diabetes mellitus, diabetes insipidus, or a reaction to medication, or be of a psychological origin.
A reference to colonies of social insects that occupy more than one nest (monodomic).
Having more than the normal number of teeth.
A reference to many or varied forces.
polyemia, polyaemia:
A condition marked by an excessive amount of blood in the system.
A dysesthesia in which a single object seems to be felt in several different places.
Relating to or affecting several senses or sensations.
A description of an animal that completes two or more fertile cycles during a mating season.
The division of labor within a society on the basis of morphological castes (caste polyethism) or age (age polyethism).
Formed of, or inhabited by, many races.
Excessive secretion of milk.
Polygamia est plurium simul virorum uxorumve connubium:
Polygamy is a marriage with many husbands or wives at one time.
Black’s Law Dictionary, 6th ed.; West Publishing Co.;
St. Paul, Minnesota;1990.

polygamy, polygamous:
1. The civil offense of having several wives or husbands at the same time; or having more than two wives or husbands at the same time.
2. Bigamy literally means a second marriage distinguished from a third or additional marriage; while polygamy means many marriages and implies more than two.
A term sometimes used to denote a government of many or several; a government where the sovereignty is shared by several persons; a collegiate, or divided executive.
Origin from more than one species, line of ancestors, or source.
Capable of reading, writing, or speaking many languages; written or communicated in many languages.
A geometrical plane figure with three or more straight sides; a figure of many angles.
polygoneutic, polygoneutism:
In biology, producing several broods per year or season.
Also known as a lie detector, it is an electro-mechanical instrument used to determine whether an examinee is truthfully answering questions. It simultaneously measures and records certain physiological changes in the human body which it is believed are involuntarily caused by an examinee’s conscious attempt to deceive an interrogator.
1. Polygamy in which a man is married concurrently to more than two women.
2. An animal mating system seen in polygamous species, in which the male mates with more than two females.
3. A situation in which a male is dominant over many females; such as, a harem.
A condition in which the brain has an excessive number of convolutions.
Pertaining to brackish water having a salinity between ten and seventeen parts per thousand or to sea water having a salinity greater than thirty-four parts per thousand.
polyhalophilic, polyhalophile, polyhalophily:
Thriving in a wide range of salinities.
polyhedron, polyhedral:
Having many faces or sides.
polyhidrosis, polyidrosis:
Excessive sweating.
polylogy, polylogize:
To talk excessively.