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Sesquipedalia Verba
sesqui- (Latin: one and a half; normally used as a prefix; from Latin, semis “half” + que “and”).

Words from sesqui- include: "hippopotomonstrosesquipedalian" to "sesquitertian".

In chemistry, three atoms or equivalents of the [specified] element or radical are combined with two of another, as in iron sesquioxide, Fe 2O3. Also defined as the proportion of two (of one radical or element) to three (of another).

A reference to a very, very long word.
Once and a half times as great as another; having the ratio of one and a half to one.
sesquicentennial, sesquicentenary:
A period of 150 years or occurring every 150 years; relating to or happening after a period of 150 years.
Having the ratio of two and a half to one, or of five to two.
In medicine, every one and a half hours.
sesquinona, sesquinonal:
In music, a vibration interval of the ratio 10:9; a lesser major second.
sesquioctava, sesquioctaval:
In the ration of nine to eight, or 1 1/8 to 1.
A thing a foot and a half in length.
A reference to a foot and half in length or to very long words.
1. Of words and expressions (after Horace’s sesquipedalia verba) “words a foot and a half long” or of many syllables.
2. A word with many letters or syllables.
3. A description of a person who is overly given to using long words; especially when verbal construction utilizing less amplification might represent a more naturally efficacious phraseology.
sesquipedalianism, sesquipedalism:
Characterized by the use of long words; lengthiness.

You may see several examples of sesquipedalian sentences with solutions 1-17 by going to sesquipedalia verba.

A person who uses long words.
The practice of using long words.
A hatred or fear of big words.
A fixed-wing aircraft (biplane) with one pair of wings much longer than the other pair.
Having the ratio of the square roots of the cubes of the terms of a given ratio; noting the ratio of a cube to a square.
Aspect of two heavenly bodies when separated by one and a half quadrants (135 degrees).
In music, a major third.
sesquiquinta, sesquiquintal:
In music, a minor third.
In astrology, having a zodiacal distance of about 108 degrees.
Of the ratio of 8 to 7, or 1 1/7 to 1.
Of the ratio of 7 to 6, or 1 1/6 to 1.
sesquitertia, sesquitertial:
In music, a perfect fourth.
Of the ratio of 4 to 3.