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Tendo Words: “atonic” to “monotonous”,
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Words that include: tendo-, tend-, ten-, tens-, tent-, ton-,
-tend, -tension, -tent, -tense, -tensive, -tentious (Greek > Latin: to move in a certain direction; to stretch,
hold out; tension).

1. Caused or characterized by atony [not stretched, slack; without tone].
2. Unaccented; said of a word or syllable.
Lack of bodily tone or muscle tone [slackness, debility].
1. To take care or charge of; look after [to stretch one’s mind to].
2. To wait on; minister to; serve; to serve as doctor to during an illness.
3. To accompany; go with.
1. The act of attending [to stretch one’s mind to].
2. The persons or number of persons attending.
3. The degree of regularity in attending.
1. Being present.
2. A person who attends or serves.
3. A person who attends.
1. The act of keeping one’s mind closely on something or the ability to do this; mental concentration; mental readiness for such concentration.
2. To give care or consideration.
Paying attention; observant.
2. Considerate, courteous, devoted, etc.
catatonia, catatonic:
In psychiatry, a syndrome, especially of schizophrenia, marked by stupor or catalepsy, often alternating with phases of excitement [a stretching down; depression].
1. To strive in combat or opposition; fight; struggle [to stretch out, exert, strive].
2. To strive in debate or controversy; argue; dispute.
3. To strive in competition; compete; vie for something.
4. To hold to a fact; assert.
1. The act of contending; strife, struggle, controversy, dispute, quarrel, etc.
2. A statement or point that one argues for as true or valid.
1. Always ready to argue; quarrelsome.
2. Of, involving, or characterized by dispute; controversial.
In mechanics, a part that stops or releases a movement, as a catch for controlling the striking of a clock.
détente, detente [day TAHNT]:
French from Latin, a lessening of tension or hostility, especially between nations, as through treaties, trade agreements, etc.
distend, distensible:
1. To stretch out.
2. To expand, as by pressure from within; make or become swollen.
A distending or being distended; inflation; expansion; stretching.
The action of stretching longitudinally, straightening out, or placing at full length; extension; straining, racking.
1. To stretch out or draw out to a certain point, or for a certain distance or time.
2. To enlarge in area, scope, influence, meaning, effect, time.
3. To stretch or thrust forth; hold out; proffer.
extended, extension:
1. Stretched out; spread out.
2. Prolonged; continued.
3. Enlarged in influence, meaning, scope, effect, etc.; extensive.
extensive, extensively, extensiveness:
1. Having great extent; covering a large area; vast.
2. Having a wide scope, power, effect, influence, etc.; far-reaching; comprehensive.
Any of various muscles that extend or straighten some part of the body, especially a flexed arm or leg.
1. An instrument for measuring minute degrees of deformation caused by tension, twisting, etc.
2. An instrument for measuring the deformation of metal under stress, or an instrument in which such deformation is used to register the elastic strains borne by other materials (e.g. concrete).
1. The space, amount, or degree to which a thing extends; size; length; breadth [to stretch out].
2. Range or limits of anything; scope; coverage.
hypertension, hypertensive:
1. Any abnormally high tension.
2. Abnormally high blood pressure, or a disease of which this is the chief sign.
hypotension, hypotensive:
Abnormally low blood pressure.
1. To have in mind as a purpose; plan; purpose [Latin intendere, to stretch out for, aim at].
2. To mean (something) to be or be used (for); design; destine.
A director, manager of a public business, superintendant, etc.; term applied to certain foreign officials, as to the supervisors of any of certain districts in Spanish America.
Meant; planned; having a purpose.
1. Occurring or existing in a high degree; very strong; violent, extreme, sharp, vivid, etc. [stretched out, strained, bent, tight].
2. Strained to the utmost; strenuous; earnest; fervent; zealous.
3. Characterized by much action, emotion, etc.
intensity, intensive:
1. The quality of being intense; specifically extreme degree of anything; great energy or vehemence of emotion, thought, or activity.
2. Degree or extent; relative strength, magnitude, vigor, etc.
1. Firmly directed or fixed; earnest; intense [a stretching out, extending].
2. Having the mind or attention firmly directed or fixed; engrossed; strongly resolved.
3. Something intended; specifically, a purpose, object, or aim.
Determination to do a specified thing or to act in a specified manner [a stretching out, straining, exertion, effort, attention].
Uninterrupted repetition of the same tone; utterance of successive syllables or words without change of pitch or key.
Going on in the same tone without variation.