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Tendo Words: “ostensible” to “tone”,
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Words that include: tendo-, tend-, ten-, tens-, tent-, ton-,
-tend, -tension, -tent, -tense, -tensive, -tentious (Greek > Latin: to move in a certain direction; to stretch,
hold out; tension).

ostensible, ostensibly:
Apparent; seeming; professed [to stretch out before].
ostentation, ostentatious, ostentatiously, ostentatiousness:
Showy display, as of wealth, knowledge, etc.; pretentiousness.
The transparent serous membrane lining the abdominal cavity and reflected inward at various places to cover the visceral organs.
1. To be an omen or warning of; foreshadow; presage [to stretch forward].
2. To be an indication of; signify.
[to stretch forward] 1. Something that portends an event about to occur, especially an unfortunate event; omen.
2. A portending; a significance.
1. That which portends evil; ominous.
2. Arousing awe or amazement; marvelous; prodigious.
1. To claim; profess; allege [to stretch forth or to move in a certain direction].
2. To claim or profess falsely; feign;.
3. To make believe, as in play or in an attempt to deceive; feign.
pretense, pretension:
1. A claim, especially an unsupported one, as to some distinction or accomplishment; pretension.
2. A false claim or profession.
3. A false show of something.
Making claims, explicit or implicit, to some distinction, importance, dignity, or excellence.
To extend under or be opposite to in position [to stretch underneath].
To act as superintendent of; direct; supervise; manage [to stretch out; to direct; to pay attention to].
A person in charge of a department, institution, etc.; director; supervisor.
tenable, tenability, tenableness:
That which can be held, defended, or maintained [to hold, grasp, have].
tenacious, tenacity:
Holding firmly; that which holds together strongly; cohesive; tough.
Being a tenant; occupation of land, a building, etc. by rental or lease.
A person who pays rent to occupy or use land, a building, etc.
2. To hold as a tenant; occupy.
1. To be directed; proceed or extend [to stretch, hold out].
2. To have an inclination, tendency, bias, etc. to do something; incline.
An inclination to move or act in a particular direction or way; constant disposition to some action or state; leaning; bias; propensity; bent.
Characterized by a deliberate tendency or aim; especially, advancing a definite point of view.
To offer in payment of an obligation; to present for acceptance; offer of money, services, etc. made to satisfy an obligation, avoid legal actions, etc.
tendon, tendons:
An of the inelastic cords of tough, fibrous connective tissue in which muscle fibers end and by which muscles are attached to bones or other parts; sinew.
1. Stretched tight; strained; taut.
2. Undergoing or showing mental stress or displaying nervous strain; anxious; apprehensive; jittery.
tensile, tensility:
Undergoing, or exerting tension; capable of being stretched.
An instrument that measure small changes in gas or vapor pressure and is used to obtain the temperature point at which one phase of a substance, especially a crystal, is changed into another.
1. Any instrument for measuring tautness or tension, as of a stretched wire, fabric, etc., or of the eyeball.
2. An instrument for measuring the surface tension of a liquid.
tension, tensional:
1. A tensing or being tensed.
2. Mental or nervous strain, often accompanied by muscular tautness.
3. A state of strained relations; uneasiness due to mutual hostility.
4. Stress on a material produced by the pull of forces tending to cause extension.
5. In physiology and pathology, the condition, in any part of the body, of being stretched or strained; a sensation indicating or suggesting this; a feeling of tightness.
6. In physics, a constrained condition of the particles of a body when subjected to forces acting in opposite directions away from each other (usually along the body’s greatest length), thus tending to draw them apart, balanced by forces of cohesion holding them together; the force or combination of forces acting in this way, especially as a measurable quantity.
A device for applying tension to cables, pipelines, etc.
The quality or condition of being tense; a state of tension.
Having the quality of stretching or straining; causing tension; in pathology, applied to a sensation of tension or tightness in any part of the body.
1. Any muscle that stretches, or tenses, some part of the body.
2. In mathematics, an abstract object representing a generalization of the vector concept and having a specified system of components that undergo certain types of transformation under changes of the coordinate system.
A portable shelter consisting of canvas, skins, etc. stretched over poles and attached to stakes.
Pertaining to cohesive power as affected by temperature.
Tension or strain applied to material at a specified temperature to increase or test its tensile power.
A pitch of the voice, musical note [that which is stretched, a stretching, a straining].