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Theo Words: “theogamy” to “theomorphic”,
Part 3 of 4

Words that include: theo-, the-, -theism, -theist, -theistic
(Greek: God, god, deity, divine).

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A marriage of, or between, the gods.
One who makes an account of the origin and descent of the gods.
A belief that God can be known.
1. A marriage between gods.
2. The origin and descent of the gods, or an account of this.
3. The generation or genealogy of the gods.
4. That branch of heathen theology that deals with the origin and descent of the deities.
5. A poem treating of such genealogies; as, the “Theogony of Hesiod”.
Being both divine and human; that is, God as well as man.
theoktonic, theoktony:
The killing or death of a god or of gods.
1. The worship of God, a god, or gods.
2. The worship of a deity or deities.
Seizure or possession by a deity, inspiration.
One who is possessed or inspired by a deity.
A theological quack (slang for someone who makes false claims).
Someone who is an expert in or a student of theology.
About, using, engaged in, or typical of theology.
The fear and hatred of theology.
To be occupied with the subject of religion.
The action or product of theologizing; theological speculation or system; usually in a derogatory sense.
One who studies theology.
1. To give a theological or religious significance to something.
2. To theorize, speculate, or discourse on religious topics.
theologue, theolog:
1. Someone who treats, or gives an account, of the gods.
2. A theological student.
1. An individual opinion about God or divinity, as distinguished from doctrine.
2. An epithet or way of speaking of God.
1. The study of religion, especially the Christian faith and God’s relation to the world.
2. A religious theory, school of thought, or system of belief.
3. A course of splecialized religious training, especially one intended to lead students to a vocation in the Christian Church.
4. A system of religious knowledge or beliefs.
theomachist, theomach:
Someone who opposes divinity or who fights against God or the gods.
1. A striving or warring against God; opposition to the will of God.
2. A battle or strife among the gods: especially in reference to that narrated in Homer’s Iliad.
A name given to that species of divination that was drawn from the responses of oracles; or from the predictions of sibyls and others supposed to be immediately inspired by some divinity.
1. Delusion of being inspired by God.
2. A delusion that one is God.
3. A madness that is reputedly caused or inspired by God.
4. Religious insanity; especially that in which the patient thinks he or she is a deity or has divine inspiration to carry out some divine mission.
One who is affected by theomania or who tends to lead religious cults often with destructive objectives.
Pertaining to theomancy.
1. The scourge of God or appointed by God.
2. When a deity or the deities are thoroughly fed up with mankind, the result is a theomastix. Essentially, the word is a synonym of plague or a divinely constituted punishment of mortals (such as, the Biblical flood).
A measurement or estimation of God.
1. Someone who makes fun of or who belittles God.
2. A person who mocks God or divinity.
One who hates God and mankind.
theomorphic, theomorphism:
In the form or likeness of a deity; having a godlike form or aspect.


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