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Therapy Words: “kedotherapy” to “psychrotherapy”,
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Words that include: therap-, -therapeutic[s],
-therapeutically, -therapy, -therapies, -therapist
(Greek: heal, cure; treatment; service done to the sick, a waiting on)

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A form of worry or anxiety substitution therapy; that is, substitution of an immediate minor but remediable worry or concern for a looming and more serious worry (or anxiety).
The treatment of burns and denuded surfaces with wax or paraffin preparations.
Physical therapy involving motion and a range of motion exercises. Also: kinesiatrics, kinesiotherapy, kinetotherapy.
Treatment of an illness by means of an exclusive or nearly exclusive milk diet; also, galactotherapy.
Treatment of an ailment by fasting; the hunger cure.
1. A form of psychotherapy that places special emphasis on the patient’s spiritual life and on the physician as “medical minister.”
2. An existential type of psychotherapy which maintains that man’s mental health depends on his/her awareness of meaning in her/his life.
Treatment of an illness with light.
magnetotherapy, magnetotherapeutics:
The attempt to treat a disease by the application of magnets to the surface of the body.
magnotherapy, magnotherapeutics:
The use of specific magnetic fields to accelerate healing and reduce pain. The pain relieving and healthy benefits of magnotherapy are supposed to be the result of a change in the body’s pH levels caused by magnetic energy.
The treatment of certain ailments with massage.
The treatment of an illness by means of an apparatus or some kind of mechanical appliances.
The treatment of certain ailments with bee venom; also, apiotherapy.
Treatment of an illness with high frequency radiation; also, microwave therapy.
An adjunctive treatment of mental disorders by means of music.
Psychotherapy conducted with the patient under the influence of a sedative or narcotic.
neurotherapy, neurotherapeutics:
The treatment of psychological, psychiatric, and nervous disorders.
The treatment of one disease with another one that is not as dangerous.
Treatment of diseases of the teeth.
oleotherapy, eleotherapy:
The treatment of an illness with an oil given internally or applied externally.
The treatment of tumors.
Treatment of the gonads with testicular extracts.
organotherapy, opotherapy:
Treatment by the administration of preparations made from animal organs, especially glands; now frequently by synthetic preparations instead of extracts of a gland.
Treatment with braces, prostheses, orthotic devices, or appliances.
Treatment of cerebral edema and increased intracranial pressure with dehydration by means of intravenous injections of osmotically active substances, or by oral administration of glycerine, glycine, etc.
The application of peloids, such as mud, peat, or clay, to all or part of the body as a therapeutic process.
pharmacotherapy, pharmacotherapeutics:
The treatment of an illness with drugs.
The injection of a foreign protein, typhoid vaccine, etc., to induce fever in the treatment of certain diseases, especially those of a parasyphilitic nature.
The treatment of cancer by intravenous injection of a photosensitizing agent, such as hematoporphyrin, followed by exposure to visible light of superficial tumors or deep tumors by a fiberotic probe.
Treatment of ailments with light rays.
Therapeutic use of blood plasma, as in treating shock.
1. The treatment of disease, injury, or deformity by physical methods, such as massage, exercise, and the application of heat, light, fresh air, and other external influences.
2. The treatment of pain, disease, or injury by physical means other than with medical, surgical, or radiologic measures.
A person who uses physical methods to treat certain ailments.
Treatment with the use of an extract of placental tissue.
pneumotherapy, pneumaotherapy, pneumatotherapeutics:
Treatment of diseases, especially of the lungs, by inhalation of compressed or rarefied air.
Treatment of foot ailments with mechanical devices; such as, arch supports, orthoses, etc.
A false treatment of some malady.
1. Treatment of emotional, behavioral, personality, and psychiatric disorders based primarily on verbal or nonverbal communication and interventions with the patient, instead of treatments that utilize chemical and physical measures.
2. The treatment of disorders of the mind or personality by psychological or psychophysiological methods.
Treatment of disease by inducing an artificial fever in the patient. A former term was pyretotherapy.
The treatment of an ailment with the application of cold.


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