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Therapy Words: “radiotherapy” to “zonetherapy”,
Part 4 of 4

Words that include: therap-, -therapeutic[s],
-therapeutically, -therapy, -therapies, -therapist
(Greek: heal, cure; treatment; service done to the sick, a waiting on)

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radiotherapy, roentgenotherapy:
1. The medical specialty concerned with the use of electromagnetic or particulate radiation in the treatment of disease.
2. The treatment of disease by means of X-rays or other forms of ionizing radiation.
The treatment of some morbid condition by exciting a reflex action, as in the household treatment of nosebleed with a piece of ice applied to the cervical spine.
The treatment that involves the injection of a sclerosing (hardening) solution into vessels or tissues.
seismotherapy, sismotherapy:
The treatment of illness with mechanical vibrations.
Treatment of a disease or infection with an injection of an antitoxin or serum that contains specific antibodies; serum-therapy.
1. Treatment of physical disorders.
2. In psychiatry, a variety of therapeutic interventions that employ chemical or physical, as opposed to psychological, methods.
teletherapy, teleroentgentherapy:
Radiotherapy using a source of radiation at a distance from the patient.
testosterone therapy:
WESTPORT, February 16, 2000 (Reuters Health) - Testosterone therapy provides short-term relief of hypogonadal symptoms in men with symptomatic HIV infection, according to a multicenter group. Specifically, after six weeks of therapy, the subjects showed improvements in libido, energy levels, mood and muscle mass.
The treatment of an illness with sea bathing, or sea-water bathing, sea voyages, etc.
The treatment of an ailment with prayer or religious exercises.
therapeutic, therapeusis, therapeutical:
Pertaining to therapeutics, or to the art of healing; curative.
1. The science and art of healing.
2. A scientific account of the treatment of disease.
Another name for a therapist.
A person skilled in the treatment of disease; often combined with a term indicating the specific type of disorder treated or a particular type of treatment rendered.
A medical nonbeliever.
1. Treatment of physical, mental, or behavioral problems that is meant to cure or rehabilitate someone.
2. The treatment of disease, illness, or some other physical disorder; therapeutics.
theriotherapy, theriomotherapeutics:
1. Treatment of the diseases of lower animals.
2. Animal therapeutics as practised by veterinarians.
Medical treatment with the application of hot air.
thermotherapy, thermotherapeutics:
The medical treatment of an illness with the application of heat. Heat may be applied locally by radiant heating devices that give off infrared rays and by conductive heating that uses hot water bottles, paraffin baths, or moist hot packs.
The treatment of disease by a preparation of the thyroid glands of sheep.
traumatherapy, traumatotherapy:
The treatment of wounds and injuries or trauma as a result of injury.
The treatment of tuberculous patients by feeding them with the raw flesh of animals affected by tuberculosis.
The treatment of a disease with an appropriate vaccine.
The treatment of an ailment with vapor, steam, or spray.
vulcanotherapy, volcanotherapy:
Treatment with hot-sulfur springs or other hot-mineral spring water either by bathing in it and/or by drinking it.
The use of certain kinds of wood in the cure of disease (certain kinds of wood applied to the skin to regain sensibililty to otherwise insensitive [non-feeling] skin).
zomotherapy, zomotherapeutic:
The use of raw meat, or the juice extracted from it, in the treatment of tuberculosis.
A technique in which different parts of the feet (or palms) are massaged to relieve conditions in other parts of the body with which they are held to be associated.


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