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Therio Words: “arsinoitherium” to “Titanothere”

Words that include: therio-, theri-, thero-, ther-, -there,
-therium, -theria, -theridae, -therian, -therioid, -theroida
(Greek: animal, wild beast, wild animal).

An animal of an extinct genus of mammals, as large as the rhinoceros, with two large and two small horns.
Resembling a megatherium.
megatherium, megathere:
An animal of huge or ungainly proportions.
A person who loves wild animals.
A fondness for animals.
In some systems of classification, a subclass of the Mammalia, including the infraclasses Eutheria and Metatheria, the members of which are viviparous.
theriaca, theriac:
A mixture regarded as effective against bites by poisonous animals; it contained at one time 60 to 70 substances that were pulverized and made into an electuary with honey. An electuary is a medicinal preparation consisting of a powdered drug made into a paste with honey or syrup.
Of or pertaining to the subclass Theria, one of the four subclasses into which the class Mammalia is commonly divided.
therianthropia, therianthropic, therianthropism:
1. Combining human and animal form, as the centaur.
2. Combining the form of a beast with that of a man; of or pertaining to deities represented in the combined forms of man and beast; such as, dog- or eagle-headed divinities.
3. The belief that humans may sometimes assume animal form, as the werewolf.
A man imagines that he is a werewolf.

1. The medical treatment of wild animals.
2. Veterinary medicine.
A fossil reptile with teeth of a mammalian type, specifically one of the order Theriodontia.
Pertaining or relating to theriogenology; of or affecting the reproductive processes of animals.
A person who specializes in theriogenology.
theriogenology, theriogenologic:
1. That branch of veterinary medicine that deals with reproduction, including the physiology and pathology of male and female reproductive systems and the clinical practice of veterinary obstetrics, gynecology, and semenology.
2. The study of all aspects of normal and abnormal reproduction in animals, including the physiology and pathology of the male and female reproductive systems.
Like an animal.
theriolatry, therolatry:
The worship of beasts, or of theriomorphic deities.
theriology, theriologic, theriological:
The scientific study of animals; zoology.
AA boy with a frog frightens a girl.

1. Fortunetelling by watching, or observing, wild animals.
2. A form of divination based upon the observation of the movements of animals; zoomancy.
One who has a mania (madness) for hunting wild beasts.
Imitation of animal behavior.
theriomorph, theriomorphism, theriomorphous, theriomorphic:
1. A representation of an animal form in art.
2. Having the form or characteristics of a wild animal.
3. A reference to a deity worshipped in the form of a beast; partly animal and partly human in form.
An excessive fear of wild animals.
AA boy with a frog frightens a girl.

Treatment of the diseases of lower animals; usually by a veterinarian.
The dissection or anatomy of beasts (wild animals); zootomy.
A reference to the nursing or rearing of humans by beasts (wild animals).
Of or belonging to a period in human history preceding the domestication of animals.
Like or having the form of a brute; of bestial nature or character.
A considers himself a raging bull.

therology, therologic, therological:
The science of beasts (wild animals) or mammals.
A specialist in therology; a mammalogist.
theromorph, theromorphia, theromorphism:
An animal form or shape.
An extinct genus of ungulates from the Tertiary formation, resembling gigantic rhinoceroses.