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Tri Words: “tridactyl” to “trimorphous”,
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Words that include: tri- (Greek > Latin: three, thrice, threefold; a number used as a prefix)

tridactyl, tridactyle, tridactylous:
1. Having three toes, claws, or similar parts on each limb.
2. Having three digits, either fingers or toes; also, tridigitate.
Fear of the number "13".
1. An instrument or weapon with three prongs; especially, a three-pronged fish-spear or sceptre as the attribute of the sea-god Poseidon or Neptune, also figured as borne by Britannia.
2. A three-pronged spear used by the retiarius in ancient Roman gladiatorial combats.
3. Applied to something resembling a trident in shape or configuration, as a three-pronged fork, a piece of land with three promontories.
Having three digits (fingers or toes).
Having or exhibiting three dimensions, as a solid body.
1. Consisting of three days.
2. Occurring three times a day.
1. Existing or lasting for three years, three-years; changed every three years.
2. Recurring every three years.
3. A commemoration or celebration of an event that occurred three years earlier; a third anniversary.
A space or period of three years.
Of three sorts; facing three ways.
1. Having three focal lengths.
2. Having one section that corrects for distant vision, a second section that corrects for medium vision, and a third that corrects for near vision, as an eyeglass lens.
trifoliate, trifoliated, trifoliolate:
Having three leaves or leaflets.
trifurcate, trifurcated:
Divided into three forked parts.
A person who has three spouses simultaneously.
Having three spouses simultaneously.
A person who is in her/his thirties; a person who is from thirty to thirty-nine years old.
In biology, pertaining to a symbiont requiring three different hosts during its life cycle.
Pertaining to, involving, or containing three languages; such as, a triglot dictionary.
1. A figure having three angles and three sides; a triangle.
2. A set of three signs of the zodiac, distant 120 degrees from each other, as if at the angles of an equilateral triangle.
In entomology, having three broods a year.
That branch of mathematics that deals with the measurement of the sides and angles of triangles, particularly with certain functions of their angles or of angles in general (the sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent, secant, and cosecant), and hence with these functions as applied to abstract quantities; thus including the theory of triangles, of angles, and of (elementary) singly periodic functions.
An inscription of three letters.
A combination of three letters denoting a simple sound; such as, eau in plateau, or igh in high or thigh.
Of a solid figure or body having three sides or faces (in addition to the base or ends); bounded laterally by three surfaces; triangular in section.
1. A three-sided figure; a triangle.
2. Having or involving three sides, countries, or parties.
The practice of engaging in three-party relations, agreements, or negotiations.
Speaking or using, written or expressed in, or relating to three languages.
trilith, trilithon:
A massive prehistoric stone structure, resembling a doorway, consisting of two vertical stones with a third supported horizontally by the other two.
1. The cardinal number equal to 1012.
2. Primarily British, the cardinal number equal to 1018.
A group of three words or sayings.
1. In Greek antiquity, a series of three tragedies (originally connected in subject), performed at Athens at the festival of Dionysus.
2. Any series or group of three related dramatic or other literary works.
3. A group of three related utterances, sayings, subjects, etc.
Occurring every three months.
1. Having three similar segments or parts.
2. In botany, having flower parts, such as petals, sepals, and stamens, in sets of three.
A period or term of three months; specifically, each of three such periods into which human gestation is divided.
Consisting of or containing three months; occurring or appearing every three months; a quarterly publication.
trimeter, trimetric:
1. Consisting of three measures.
2. A line of poetic verse consisting of three metrical feet.
1. Occurring every three months.
2. Lasting or extending over three months.
1. Having flowers with pistils and stamens of three different relative lengths.
2. In zoology, exhibiting three different forms (colorations, etc.) in different individuals of a species, or of a colony of polyps.
A condition in which there are three distinct forms; such as, a plant or an insect.
Existing in three forms.