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Tri Words: “trinal” to “trisyllable”,
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Words that include: tri- (Greek > Latin: three, thrice, threefold; a number used as a prefix)

Having three parts; threefold.
1. Threefold; triple; ternary.
2. Consisting of three parts or proceeding by threes; ternary.
1. In heraldry, a group of three, especially three animals, in a bearing.
2. Threefold; triple.
1. The state of being threefold, threefoldness, threeness; a group consisting of three closely related members.
2. In theological use, applied to the existence of one God in three persons.
3. The three persons or modes of being of the Godhead as conceived in orthodox Christian belief; the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as constituting one God; the triune God.
1. In math, consisting of three terms, as an algebraical expression.
2. Of the names of married women (especially, in the U.S.): consisting of three elements, the given, maiden, and husband’s surname; also applied to those known by this style, whereby the maiden name is in some measure retained.
3. The name of a subspecies or variety when composed of three terms (the names of the genus, species, and subspecies or variety).
1. A composition for three voices or instruments; also, a company of three performers singing or playing such a composition.
2. A group or set of three persons.
A name consisting of three terms; a trinomial name in botany or zoology.
trioxide, trioxid:
An oxide containing three oxygen atoms per molecule.
1. A woman who has had three pregnancies that have lasted beyond 20 weeks or that have produced an infant of at least 500 grams; also known astertipara.
2. A reference to a woman who has borne three children in separate pregnancies.
1. Divided into or composed of three parts or kinds; threefold, triple.
2. Involving, or of the nature of, division into three parts.
3. Relating to or executed by three parties; as, "a tripartite agreement".
triped, tripedal:
Three feet; a three-legged animal; tripodal.
A craft that can operate on water, on land, and in the air.
Operating or occurring in the water, on the land, and in the air; a blend of tri and amphibious.
A combination of three vowels forming a single or compound sound; such as, ieu in lieu, eau in beauty, etc.
triphyllous, triphylite:
Three leaves or having three leaves; leaf triplicates.
1. Threefold; consisting of three; treble.
2. Three times as many or as much.
Something such as a building or sandwich with three levels or layers.
Paralysis of three limbs (arms and/or legs).
1. One of three born at the same birth.
2. A set or combination of three of a kind.
1. Composed of three parts; threefold; triple.
2. Having three apartments, divisions, or floors; such as, a triplex apartment building; a triplex cinema.
1. One of a set of three identical objects or copies.
2. To make threefold; triple.
Used to describe a multicellular animal that has three primary germ layers (ectoderm, endoderm, mesoderm) during embryonic development. This is typical of all multicellular animals except coelenterates [marine invertebrate animals that have an internal body cavity (coelenteron); that is, sea anemones, corals, jellyfish, and comb jellies].
In genetics, having three times the haploid number of chromosomes in the cell nucleus.
A stand, table, support, or other object with three feet or legs.
In ancient Greece, a vessel with three banks of oars on each side.
To divide or cut into three parts; especially, into three equal parts.
One of three parts.
An abnormal fear of the number "13".
A term used to describe an arrangement of leaves in which successive leaves arise one-third of the way around the stem from the previous leaf, thus forming three rows up the stem.
trisyllable, trisyllabic, trisyllabical:
Containing three syllables, as the word syllable.