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Volen Words: “benevolence” to “volunteering”

Words that include: volen-, volunt-, voli-, vol-
(Latin: will, free will, free choice; wish, personal desire)

1. Disposition to do good, desire to promote the happiness of others, kindness, generosity, charitable feeling (as a general state or disposition towards mankind at large).
2. An expression of goodwill, an act of kindness; a gift or grant of money; a contribution for the support of the poor.
1. Desirous of the good of others, of a kindly disposition, charitable, generous.
2. With the literal force of the Latin bene volens: Well-wishing, well-disposed to or unto others.
Desiring strife or differences.
The wishing or the disposition to wish evil to others; ill-will; malice, spitefulness.
1. Desirous of evil to others; entertaining, actuated by, or indicative of ill-will; disposed or addicted to ill-will.
2. A person of evil wishes or designs; an evil influence.
Universal benevolence.
Sometimes used with “omnipotent”, “omnipresent”, etc.; benevolent towards everyone.
One who desires to sleep.
The desire to revenge oneself or of taking vengeance.
1. Exercising, or capable of exercising, will or choice in respect of one’s conduct or course of action.
2. One who freely chooses or determines the course of action which he/she follows.
1. Of or pertaining to the will; volitional.
2. Performed deliberately or with express intention; designed, deliberate.
Depending on volition or free choice.
Of one’s own free will or accord; without compulsion, constraint, or undue influence by others; freely, willingly.
1. Of feelings, etc.; arising or developing in the mind without external constraint; having a purely spontaneous origin or character.
2. Of actions performed or done of one’s own free will, impulse, or choice; not constrained, prompted, or suggested by another.
1. One who willingly offers or enrolls himself/herself for military service, in contrast to those who are under obligation to do so, or who form part of a regular army or military force.
2. One who voluntarily offers his services in any capacity; one who of his own free will takes part in any enterprise or activity.
3. To offer to undertake or perform (something).
The action of serving, or offering one’s services, as a volunteer.