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Vorous Words: “algivorous” to “fungivorous”,
Part 1 of 3

Words that include: vor-, vora-, -vore, -vorous, -vores,
-vora, -vory (Latin: eat, consume, devour)

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Ingesting or eating algae.
amphivorous, amphivore, amphivory:
To eat both animal and vegetable food; omnivorous.
aphidivorous, aphidivore, aphidivory:
Feeding on aphids.
apivorous, apivore, apivory:
Eating bees; bee eater.
Eating or feeding on spiders.
Feeding on or devouring gold.
Berry-eating; living chiefly on berries.
Bottom-feeding water creatures; such as, certain fish.
calcivore, calcivorous, calcivory:
A reference to plants living on limestone or in soils rich in calcium salts. Applied to forms such as some lichens and Mollusca that erode or borrow in limestone.
Feeding on crabs.
A diverse order of terrestrial and aquatic carnivorous mammals consisting of ten families grouped in two suborders:
Caniformia including Canidae (dogs, foxes),
Ursidae (bears
Otariidae (sealions),
Ailuropodidae (giant panda),
Procyonidae (racoons),
Mustelidae (weasels, otters),
Phocidae (hair seals),
Feliformia including Felidae (cats),
Viverridae (civets),
Hyaenidae (hyaenas)
carnivore, carnivorous, carnivory:
1. Flesh-eating.
2. Any animal belonging to the order Carnivora, which includes predominantly flesh-eating mammals such as dogs, cats, bears, and weasels.
3. Any flesh-eating predatory organism, such as a bird of prey or insectivorous plants (Venus-flytrap, pitcher plant, sundew, and butterwort; among others).

See this special article about carnivorous plants
for a greater understanding of these unusual life species.

Eating onions.
Someone who only eats food that contains meat.
Swallowing or pretending to swallow knives.
detritivorous, detritivore, detritivory:
1. Eating dead organic tissues and organisms in an ecosystem.
2. Feeding on fragmented particulate (particles) organic matter.
Something that is made to be swallowed without chewing, capable of being swallowed whole; or anything ingested in one great gulp.
1. To eat greedily or voracously.
2. To destroy, consume, or waste; as, “A tornado devoured a wide area of the State”.
3. To take in eagerly.
4. To swallow up, engulf.
Synonyms: gorge, gobble up, bolt, stuff, cram down; also, by extension: read eagerly, peruse intently, absorb wholly, engulf, and engross.
To eat the flesh of horses.
erucivorous, erucivore, erucivory:
Feeding on caterpillars.

"The Snack that Crawls" presents real-life situations
about erucivorous situations.

exudativore, exudativorous, exudativory:
Feeding on gum and other exudates (that which oozes out or diffuses) from trees.
ferrivore, ferrivorous, ferrivory:
Feeding on iron.
florivorous, florivore, florivory:
Eating flowers or plant species.
folivorous, folivore, folivory:
To eat leaves or leaf eating.

More information about folivorous creatures,
and their leaf eating existence, is clarified on this page.

forbivorous, forbivore, forbivory:
Feeding on broad-leaf plants.
frondivorous, frondivore, frondivory:
Feeding or eating leaves.
fructivorous, fructivore, fructivory:
Eating fruit.
frugivorous, frugivore, frugivory, frugivorousness:
Eating or feeding on fruit.
fucivorous, fucivore, fucivory:
Feeding or subsisting on seaweed and related sea and ocean foods.
fungivorous, fungivore, fungivory:
Feeding on fungi.


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