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Zoo-, Zo- Words: “zooecology” to “zoology”,
Part 3 of 5.

Words that include: zoo-, zo-, -zoic, -zoid, -zoite, -zoal,
-zonal, -zooid, -zoon, -zoa, -zoan
(Greek: animal; living being; life).

The study of the relationships between animals and their environments; animal ecology.
Of or pertaining to life.
zoogamous, zoogamy:
A reference to animals that reproduce sexually.
1. The doctrine of animal production or generation.
2. The origin of animals.
Produced by or associated with the activity of animals.
1. Produced, acquired, or caused by animals.
2. Viviparous.
The development and evolution of animals.
One who studies and records the geographical distribution of animals and animal communities.
zoogeography, zoogeographer, zoogeographic:
1. The study of the geographical distribution of animals and animal communities.
2. The scientific study of the areas where different animals live and the causes and effects of such distribution, especially distributions on a large or global scale.
A zoogeographer is in the background observing animals in their natural setting

zooglea, zoogleal, zoogloea:
A colony of microbes embedded in a gelatinous matrix (a substance in which something is enclosed).
zoogonous, zoogony:
Viviparous; that is, producing live offspring from within the body of the parent.
zoogony, zoogeny, zoogonic, zoogenic:
1. The generation of animals.
2. A study of animal generation.
zoograft, zoografting:
A graft of tissue from an animal to a human; animal graft; zooplastic graft.
A branch of zoology that describes animals and their habitats.
An animal hormone.
zooid, zooidal:
1. Resembling an animal; an organism or object with an animal-like appearance.
2. An animal cell capable of independent existence or movement, as the ovum or a spermatozoon, or the segment of a tapeworm.
3. An individual invertebrate animal that reproduces nonsexually by budding or spliting, especially one that lives in a colony in which each member is joined to others by living material, e.g., a coral
Sexual attraction towards animals; bestiality.
zoolatry, zoolater, zoolatrous:
1. In some ancient cultures, the worshiping of animals.
2. Excessive devotion to animals, especially domestic pets.
A woman extends excessive devotion to her dog

zoolith, zoolite:
An animal fossil.
zoological gardens:
Original term for zoo.
Of or relating to zoology.
A scientist specializing in the discipline of zoology; an expert in zoology.
zoology, zoobiology:
A branch of biology that involves the scientific study of animals and all aspects of animal life.
A chart is shown with five classes of animal vertebrates.

Zoology is a subdivision of biology, which is the study of all living things. It includes aspects from the molecular level to the organ, to that of the whole animal, and from unicellular organisms to whales. Other subdisciplines of zoology include genetics, biochemistry, parasitology, physiology, ethology, ecology, systematics, ichthyology, ornithology, mammology, etc. with additional subdivisions in physiological ecology, neurophysiology, respiratory physiology, etc.